My Mix

YouTube made me my own playlist…basically all the songs I’ve ever listened to I think, or all the ones I’ve listened to quite frequently. Some songs on it I don’t think I’ve ever heard. Whatever. Just click on the link at the top on the video to actually watch it on  YouTube, then it’ll be … More My Mix

Jack and Jack: They’re pretty good at making tunes too

I normally don’t listen to music like what these guys produce…but lately I have been listening to almost anything and everything, including these guys’ songs. And they are pretty good. Maybe I’m being biased because I’m going through what I’d like to call a ‘Vine Phase’. One of my many, many, MANY, phases. Well, enough … More Jack and Jack: They’re pretty good at making tunes too

Covers 2.

Kurt Schneider. I actually came across him a while ago with ‘Hey There Delilah’ and it was amazing, it really was but I never listened to anymore of his covers. Today, I don’t even remember how I came across him again but I did and he is on talented dude, I mean, only he can … More Covers 2.

The Honey Trees

  I’ve known these guys for like a year now, as in not physically known them, I mean have listened to their music, and let me tell you: They’re awesome. Apparently, according to Wikipedia whom you should never trust, these guys are a ‘dream pop’ band, dream pop being a sub-genre of alternative rock, and … More The Honey Trees