Crown The Empire

I actually only discovered these guys pretty recently. November I think it was. You see, I never used to really like screamo much and, well, that type of music and all that freaky makeup used to scare me. But I don’t know, something’s changed and even though it kind of pains me to hear someone … More Crown The Empire

All American Rejects

I think I discovered these guys like two years ago probably? I don’t know, but I wanna share my favourite songs of theirs. You’ve probably heard them before even if they aren’t your cup of tea, they are used in almost every single chick flick credit, pour example, John Tucker Must Die and She’s The … More All American Rejects

Taylor Swift: Style

Are you seriously kidding me? She’s stealing all my guys and exploiting them to the rest of the world to share. Like no. Just no. Basically, Dominic Sherwood is in this video- he played Christian Ozera in The Vampire Academy film and yeah I’ve loved him since then. And now he’s in her video and … More Taylor Swift: Style