Happy Birthday Nina! Oh, and Ryan, wait a minute (who else?) oh yes of course, Kate Middleton

That’s right. Three birthdays today of three awesome people. Nina Dobrev Ryan Fletcher Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) Happy Birthday to all of you X   (Featured image, source: http://images6.fanpop.com/image/photos/36800000/newclubimage-je-CF-9F-CF-9Fis-groupies-E2-99-A0-36857978-500-329.jpg ) P.S. A year ago today I won a regional Science competition. That was a proud moment. *I honestly don’t care how nerdy that sounds XD … More Happy Birthday Nina! Oh, and Ryan, wait a minute (who else?) oh yes of course, Kate Middleton

Happy Birthday Adam! (From me and Lucy- your GF)

Adam Pitts, Lawson’s drummer, celebrates his 24th birthday today, he’s the youngest member of the band. And he’s actually probably done celebrating cos it’s Christmas Eve and there’s literally 35 mins left until it’s Christmas so… Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Seriously, I think him and Lucy are dating. Like definitely. Yup. Definitely together. Check out their … More Happy Birthday Adam! (From me and Lucy- your GF)

Teen Wolf: I.E.D.

Recap: Okay, nope, forget it, I don’t like Garret and his girlfriend, they’re frickin’ assassins, getting rid of all the supernaturals in Beacon Hills,  just like ‘The Mute’, that’s his assassin name. The Benefactor is NOT the mute guy. I repeat. He is NOT the mute guy.  Anyway, Amber from House of Anubis (Ana Mulvoy … More Teen Wolf: I.E.D.

Arrow: Time of Death

Recap: #HarryPotter trending again. Always trends at midnight. The Queens are planning a welcome back party for Sarah. Which goes ahead, Sin literally jumps on Sarah as though they’re long lost friends Roy and Thea look veeeerrrry confused as was I. When asked if they know each other, they just said no.  Felicity (omg, her … More Arrow: Time of Death

Happy Belated Birthday Joel!

And I’m also sorry to another band member of another band, Joel Peat, who celebrated his 24th birthday on June 27. I didn’t forget I promise, it’s actually kinda the same story as Luke’s really. Happy Belated Birthday Joel! X P.S. Again I must ask myself why Harry Potter is trending…