Struck by Lightning

This film should get greater recognition.   Okay, so it’s the holidays and tonight was just another one of those family film nights y’know? So we watched this film ‘Struck by Lightning’. It starts with a teenager, Carson (Chris Colfer), who is leaving school and gets struck by lightning which kills him instantly. Don’t complain … More Struck by Lightning

She’s the Man

I never wanted to watch this film. Just like with The Notebook and Titanic, this was another chick flick that I vowed not to watch. But today I woke up at 7:32 am for this Maths and Physics thing (I’ll explain in another post) and I came back at 1:18 pm and then I was … More She’s the Man


Yes, that Prom. I vowed, when I first saw the trailer on Disney, that I’d never watch such a stupid sappy film. I didn’t see the plot, like, c’mon, where’s the plot in a Prom. Anyway, so my mum, yes my mum, said the other day, ‘Oooh, I found a film to watch.’ So I … More PROM.


Just finished watching this film with the family. It’s actually really good, has a nice soundtrack, and y’know that really annoying German dude, Gunta or whatever his name is, in Shake It Up? Well, he’s one of the lead actors and actually isn’t too bad. I’ve watched quite a few films like this now. In … More Contest


I’ve probably ticked off like one ninth of my movie list for the Easter Holidays…and tomorrow is the last day… Well that sucks. But, I did watch LOL today, however I only added that to the list because of Douglas Booth. Yes, I may have been obsessed with Miley in the earlier days, but then … More LOL


Like I mentioned yesterday, I’ve watched Beastly twice in the space of three days, some of it has to do with my obsession with the wattpad book, and some of it to do with my recent liking to Vanessa Hudgens. Either way, the first time I watched it, I was too lazy to write a … More Beastly