The Shannara Chronicles

Helloooo, okay lets skip the catch up and the formalities because I really don’t have a reason, I’ve just been busy with college and procrastinating.

And omg guys and girls, you all better have watched the season finale of scream queens, yeah I stopped posting recaps for them cos lets be honest, half of them weren’t even recaps.

Still need to catch up on TVD.

And omg, y’all better have watched the winter finale of OUAT.

It was bloody brilliant.

That reminds me, for the first week of Christmas holidays I was away in Kuwait (small middle eastern country nobody has heard of but is actually pretty dope) and I watched OUAT there at like two in the morning when I was supposed to go to sleep and I was crying and it just hurt so much even my headphones broke.

No joke.

I won’t tell you who the red devil was or why OUAT made me cry so much but yeah.

Look turns out this has become a catch up, well since it has let me tell you, the second week of holidays went really fast and I’ve had so many late nights that it is now impossible for me to fall sleep before midnight.

Sad I know. We didn’t do much after the holiday. We came back on Christmas and I watched Downtown Abbey. Then the next three days I woke up at seven, I don’t know why either. Canadian cousins came down and we played charades and pictionary, it’s become tradition, then there was some wedding, late Christmas dinner, shopping and too much procrastinating which lead to last minute revision and staying up till two am crying my eyes out because I thought I was gonna fail.

Oh yeah, I have mocks this week. I know all I talk about is exam time and revision but that’s seriously what my life has become. So yeah, learning from that, after that first Chemistry test was over (yesterday) I’ve started hard-core revision because poor me has a full day of exams on Friday (9-4, pray for me). So yeah, I’m starting to feel good and I just did about three hours of revision and that’s why I started this post because yes, I have started to watch The Shannara Chronicles.

Reasons why:
1. I’m bored.
2. It looks good.
3. Vanessa (Hudgens) keeps going oh about it and I’m a sucker for her and she posted an adorable snap chat of her and Austin watching it so it inspired me.
4. Yes, her boyfriend Austin (Butler) stars in it and I’ve just paused it at the point where he enters. It’s Austin Butler I mean c’mon.
5. The theme song sounds very very very much like Melanie Martinez, whether it’s her I don’t know.
6. There is a bad arse Elf Princess.

This post is just me telling you guys to check it out if you like Lord of the Rings with a slight twist. It seems pretty cool so far and I’m only what, fifteen minutes in?

Teen Wolf has started as well, oh gotta catch up on Arrow and The Flash as well.


This is why I am discontinuing recaps unless I just feel like I need to really talk about it.

Go check out The Shannara Chronicles 👌👌👌

P.S. Did you all watch Sherlock?


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