Scream Queens: Seven Minutes In Hell


Ooh, hi, didn’t see you there. Was just telling my sister how this, my weird addiction for this show, is something that I can officially title as my guilty pleasure. Well, actually now the more I think about it, the more that doesn’t quite fit.

Never mind.

So, I know I just watched last week’s episode really late having just seen it yesterday as opposed to my normal ‘watch everything on the weekends motto’ but it’s holidays, for me at least, so why not watch it now. Okay the truth is I was very busy on the weekend. And well, yesterday the next episode came out in America and I’ve still got the buzz from the one I just watched and well, it’s spurred me on to watch this week’s as well, only a day after it’s release.

I couldn’t imagine waiting for the weekend.

Carpe Diem and stuff you know, it’s actually 21:53 right now but whatever.

Okay, without further ado, I will watch the episode and again I’ll have to go to bed early so there may not be much detail of the episode, just know that you must watch it, okay?

Okay. X

OMG. I just finished the episode and again it was weirdly good, but things just get hella creepier. Yep, there were say another two deaths in this one, a lockdown in the house…

And it’s now ten days after I watched that episode. It is 23:41 on Halloween and I don’t really remember what happened. There was a slumber party I know that. Aaagh, the annoying moment when you wrote a really good recap but the WiFi turned off so the most recent draft didn’t save so I’m stuck with a half finished post that I return to ten days later with no recollection of what I had initially written in the post but I think I’ll just end it here just because I can’t remember much other than it was an awesome episode and brought up a lot more questions.

There wasn’t an episode this week which is really sad cos I was very much looking forward to it. Guess what, there’s only tomorrow now and then Monday is school again after two weeks half term.

Sigh. I can’t complain I guess. Just finished drawing the corpse bride and I’m very proud of it. Also finished my English Lit essay finally. Productive day. Although I haven’t caught up with any TV shows, TVD, Flash, Arrow, OUAT…too many…×483.jpg?w=700&h=483&crop=1



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