Scream Queens: Chainsaw


I was actually looking forward to watching this all week. That either means I love it more than I thought, or I must’ve been having a really bad week, either way, I’m back and ready to recap.

Such a bad idea to watch this at 2am, in the dark, alone, when everyone else is sleeping.

Just finished the episode and there were times where I got freaked out, times where I thought it was stupid and times where I laughed.

This episode basically goes through the aftermath of Boone’s (Nick Jonas) ‘death’ and how Chad and the other frat boys react, it also shows the continuation of life at the Kappa house. Lea Michelle’s character gets turned into a Chanel, everyone’s out looking for the Red Devil, the teachers move into the house. It’s basically the title. There is a chainsaw every five minutes smh. Everything is just super creepy, I’m honestly suspecting everyone to be the Red Devil. It’s so weird, nobody is decent in this show, there’s no good person, they’re all stupid and corrupt and, just no one is sane or normal. None of them. Still going to continue to watch it though.×683.jpg

Not sure if it’s episode two or three cos the pilot may have just been one hour not two, I’m not sure but yeah. Okay I think this is episode three, and the first half of the other one was the ‘pilot’ and the second half was ‘hell week’.

Think I’ll read a little now then off to bed.



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