Scream Queens

Long time no talk, I know I know.

I started college three weeks ago, yay life. Not really, it’s taking a long time to settle in, I just can’t wait for it to pass so I can actually start enjoying myself.

Do you ever just wanna be done with it all? Get past all the exams and stress and be successful with a good job?

But nothing is ever that easy.

I wish I could vent out everything but I’d rather not online.

Anyway, it’s been three years today since I started this website/blog. So that’s cool.

Once Upon A Time is back today in America, so excited. At the moment I haven’t had much time to watch stuff, with all the homework get, a few episodes of Supernatural here and there but that’s it.

Don’t know if you have heard, but there’s this new TV show, Scream Queens, with Emma Roberts, Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, Lea Michelle, Abigail Breslin, Diego Boneta, Keke Palmer etc, and it looms pretty cool and the two hour pilot is up so I’m gonna watch that now, just to take my mind off college.

For some reason I felt as though I should let you all know about it. It seems pretty cool, it’s from the executive producers of American Horror Story and Glee, two other shows I also want to watch.

OMG, did I even tell you all that I started watching Gossip Girl, and finished it the last two weeks of summer? It was amazing, Chuck and Blair all the way, I’m sorry I just don’t understand how anyone can like Serena. Might have just upset a lot of people but c’mon, have you seen Blair?

Okay anyway, better get to watching Scream Queens, I’ll be sure to let you all know how it is in my next post. Who knows, I might even start writing regular posts on it, just keep an eye out.



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