Scream Queens: Pilot/Hell Week

What fresh hell is this?

No seriously though, what even is this show?

Scream Queens hmmm.

I’m in two minds about it if I’m being honest. The fact that it’s comedy horror is a huge no no. I’m sorry but the two just don’t go together. I’m all for the horror aspect of it, but mixed with comedy I can’t bring myself to like it.

But I do think it’s a mockery of society nowadays, it reflects on how everyone is. I can see through all the superficiality, it’s deliberately done.

Again however, I have never had time for comedy horror,the acting is too exaggerated, yet at the end of this two hour pilot, I have been left wanting more.

*spoiler alert*

Is Ariana Grande’s character really dead? (can’t remember which Chanel she is) Who’s the Red Devil? Is Grace the baby from twenty years ago? Was her mum the one that died in the bath tub? Why is the Dean really weird? Can Pete be trusted? Is Boone the main orchestrator of this? What the heck is wrong with Chanel?

And I have many more questions on the waiting list.

I don’t but do want to continue watching it. I mean, it is a mystery after all and I’m a sucker for them. And some parts did get me laughing I must admit.

The show definitely lives up to it’s title.

Can’t wait for the next episode X

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