Guess who’s back, back again…

It’s been a while.

Turns out I couldn’t be bothered blogging in Ramadhan, and then straight after that I had NCS so was away for two weeks. No wi-fi. Was actually really good though, I mean I love wi-fi but I could definitely do fine without it. It’s third week of the program, next week is the last week. 😦 Quite sad cos I’ve had a great time, but that also means for the last two weeks of summer holidays (it’s gone so fast), I’ll have plenty of time to blog! And watch TV. I am finally able to watch Gossip Girl, I’ve got the whole box set so I think that’s all I’ll be doing once I’ve caught up with Teen Wolf. And PLL OMG! Just one more episode until they take a break again, cannot wait, I watched the prom one last night and woah.

So yeah. There’ll hopefully be a lot of posts up this weekend, hopefully, now that I’ve got back into blogging. Once you stop and it’s been more than a week, you don’t really wanna go back because it feels like work. I’ve been putting off Teen Wolf on purpose so I didn’t have to type up recaps.

The truth hurts.

But after writing all this, I’m actually not dreading it as much, plus this isn’t compulsory, it’s not school work, I don’t have to do it, I chose to, and I will continue doing so.

And then after the last two weeks of summer it’s college.

Exciting. (Note sarcasm)

For the Americans out there, college over here in England is basically your lots Junior and Senior year. So yes, I’m a sophomore, or was…? I just finished ‘tenth grade’ as you call it.

Anyway, there’s been so many things I could’ve posted about (I’m still updated on what happens around the world), like Comic Con (I know, it was awesome), and other stuff but I just can’t post all that content. Too much. I will post any music updates though or video related things because, well, it’s just a simple copy and paste of a link. So watch out for some 5SOS and Demi in particular.

XD “Is that a malteasers?” I’m dying XDDDDDD

Please say this ain’t true though guys, you have to have malteasers! 😮




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