Long time no see, talk, blog, whatever, I’m sorry but I’ve Bern super lazy like all I’ve been doing with my life is sleeping, eating (well, at 10pm and 2am- fasting remember) and watching Weekly Chris.

Which brings me to this post. Okay, I’ve always loved Chris but I’ve been binge watching his videos and vines (I’ve been through all of them) and well, the admiration has resurfaced.

He kind of just posted this video, like when I watched it there were about 179 views? And it’d been like 5 mins? Maybe less. So yeah, awesome, I’m the one in the comments who overused awesome by the way, you’ll understand what I’m saying when you see it.

It’s his cover of See You Again which we’ve all heard, I’d only heard the first few seconds and I posted that comment cos I have no doubt the rest of it was just as good, but I’m staying away from music in this month so you guys let me know how it was- probably awesome.

Okay I should stop, seriously.

Sorry I haven’t been posting, I’ll try my best, I am updated on things but I just haven’t updated you lot.



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