Once Upon A Time: Lily


So Cruella is officially dead, did I forget to tell you? Well, Emma saved Henry in the last episode but only by pushing Cruella to her death, and what’s sad is that she didn’t even have to do that because Cruella can’t kill anyone since the Author made it that way. Emma’s potential for darkness is looming over everyone, but when Emma realizes Maleficent’s daughter Lily is in fact her closest friend from her foster care days, (remember? There’s a lot of flashbacks) she resolves to find Lily and reunite her with her mother. Regina joins forces with Emma and together they set out to track down Lily and to warn Robin about Zelena. There’s a car chase. Turns out Lily knows everything and is out for revenge. Meanwhile Runplestiltskin is holding a grudge against Will, another thief, (you may have seen him in the spin off series ‘Once Upon A Time In Wonderland’) who seems to be taking Belle’s heart. Robin finds out about Zelena yet can’t bring himself to leave her. Because he got her pregnant, ooooh what a way to end the episode.




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