The Vampire Diaries: I’m Thinking Of You All The While

I don’t know what to feel.


Okay, remember how I said I’m gonna make this short and sweet? Yeah, well, I’m gonna do exactly that because I don’t have much time right now and I want a whole post for me to talk about my feelings so…here we go.

So it starts off with Damon lying in the middle road, you just know it’s gonna be a good episode when it starts like that. Him and Elena are talking and stuff and it’s all cute but then it hits you, wasn’t Elena lying motionless on the floor at the wedding. That my friend she was, she is, this is just her and Damon’s minds mingling. So you see Damon cradling her unconscious body and then Alaric with blood all over his hands cradling Jo’s lifeless body. I was hoping that maybe Jo actually wasn’t dead, but alas she is which is sad cos it was a very abrupt ending for her, and her little babies. Guess nothing can ever be in Alaric’s favour. Kai kills him successfully killing the rest of the Gemini coven- yes Liv dies, but then he has vampire blood in him (explained later) so he returns from the dead. Tyler was also on the verge of death but Liv persuaded him to turn into his werewolf counterpart as it will save his life. Elena goes to the hospital and we find that she is perfectly fine, but she just won’t respond. Bonnie finds a video left by Kai at the Salvatore house explaining that he’s linked Bonnie with Elena so Bonnie has to die for Elena to wake up or Elena will forever be sleeping until Bonnie naturally dies. And if they try to somehow undo the spell, both will die. Oh, and have I forgot to mention that Lily has made Kai one of her heretics? Yeah, that happened. So when Tyler becomes a rabid hybrid and needs to bite someone, he bites Kai. We all think Kai is gonna die with the werewolf bite because he already isn’t in tip top shape, but hey, what do you know, he figured out that he could heal himself. Thus that’s what he did. Then he made it that Bonnie couldn’t breathe, cos he did all this as revenge on Bonnie. Then Damon arrives and Kai makes him choose, Bonnie or Elena. And he chooses Elena. Yupp, even Kai was shocked that Damon would do that, in fact he was so shocked that he wasn’t being his usual ‘one-step ahead’ self and totally didn’t hear Damon creep up behind him. Yeah, it resulted in him dying. How do I hear you ask? Well, the awesome Damon, with his bare hand, chopped off Kai’s head. No joke. It was so clean that no blood spurted out. He then healed Bonnie with his blood. See, Damon is not a bad guy, give him a break. All of them had gathered at the Salvatore house after where Elena was in a coffin. Tyler, Alaric, Stefan, Matt, Bonnie, Caroline and finally Damon, were all there. One by one they each went up to her and did some mind mingling, Bonnie’s was the best because it was a parallel from the first season when we first find out Bonnie is a witch, well, they were all memories but they were just updated. Even Jeremy came. When the coffin was put in the tomb, Damon was left alone for his memory, which is when we come back to the beginning, and they dance, and they say they love each other, and asdfghjkl I told you Delena were endgame. It was epic and beautiful and I’ll put the song below, they’re really good dancers you know. The chemistry is on point. Caroline isn’t ready for a relationship with Stefan yet but he’ll wait, and Enzo and Lily are looking for her heretics which I’m guessing is what the next season is about. But in the end I have to remember that this final episode is because she’s leaving- no sorry, left.

It’s sad. Since year 7 she’s been with me, and now I’m in year 11. It’s quite fitting actually cos when I started secondary school, I started TVD and now I’m leaving school and she’s left TVD. Quite nice.

Was supposed to add something but I’ve forgotten- aah well. Here’s a few pictures (they’re in chronological order).



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