The Vampire Diaries: I’ll Wed You In The Golden Summertime


It’s a day of celebration for the Mystic Falls gang, as they gather to attend Alaric and Jo’s wedding. However, no event ever goes smoothly, and with the help of a dried out ripper only 10 feet below this event, one can find themselves in a bit of paranoia. Bonnie can definitely be the first to say she is a little uneasy, considering less than a day ago Lily tried to kill her.

Caroline makes a bold return and decides to help salvage the wedding plans (due to an unfortunate cancellation from Jo’s event planner). Not only does Caroline get to redeem herself (a little) she gets to be the control freak she has always been, now that her humanity is back on. Elena is having a wonderful time transitioning back into human affect. The only thing worrying her is if Damon is making the right decision to become human as well. She asks Stefan to be as blunt as possible, so he knows what he’d be giving up.

Carrying twins, while marrying the love of your love (whom you’ve only known six months) can make any woman filled with nerves and anxiety. Jo suddenly collapses, and Elena rushes to her aid. She takes her to the hospital to find everything is fine and, that Jo had just overwhelmed her due to all the excitement. Once Elena confirmed to Alaric that everything is okay, she shared how amazing she felt to actually feel more connected to the world, even though she couldn’t help her through vampirism.

Bonnie feels less connected than ever when it comes to Lily somehow escaping. Matt volunteers to help prevent that, but an invisible force somehow strangles them. Stefan keeps trying to get Damon to rethink his decision to become human again. To his surprise, Stefan discovers that Damon hasn’t exactly made this decision haphazard without considering any real reality. Not only has is planned her future, he also found a way that allows him to have his own. Elena urges him to find the answer for himself, rather than making this decision on her behalf.

One small detail everyone seems to have forgotten is that Liv will be attending the wedding (considering she is Jo’s little sister). We watch Liv and Tyler bicker, but also express a strong passion between each other that is inevitable. Speaking of passion, Caroline does a pretty good job ignoring Stefan through the course of the day, until he finally confronts her. She feels awful that she turned off his humanity, and forced him to turn off his. She inadvertently blames him for the reason she went rouge.

Caroline just wanted him to open up on how he felt about her, but failed to grant that one request. By the time her mother passed, it was too late and the only way she could think to ignore this was to shut everything off. It’s never a wedding without a little family drama. Jo’s father (the one who tried to kill her) pleads that he can be apart of this moment for her. She is one forgiving woman, as she grants him this honor.

Damon reaches his decision and reveals that Stefan came close to convincing him that vampirism is the way to remain, until he saw an adorable senior couple and realized that’s what he wants with Elena. Almost missing the ceremony from “celebrating,” Elena and Damon make their way to the wedding.

From Jo’s gown to the Alaric’s vows, the entire ceremony is beautiful. Just before we can hear Jo recite her vows, she is stabbed by no other than Kai . The vampire-witches Jo warned the gang about, have made their way back with a vengeance.


Wow, I wish my recaps were this detailed, but I just simply don’t have the time. Yes, I’m back, although I really shouldn’t be because it’s exam season. I’ve done three exams, got another nine to go, but no biggie.

And another reason is that this episode was just asdfghjkl- the feels. I can feel it though, like I can tell that Elena is gonna go, and it ended showing us Elena lying motionless on the ground, and I don’t think I can deal. Anyway, I’m saving all that energy and sappiness for the recap on the finale which hopefully will be my recap and will be super long. Or maybe I’ll make it short and sweet and then have loads and loads of posts after.

Oh, and it’s two minutes to midnight here- not that I’m tired, I mean I am nocturnal, or as my dad said yesterday, ‘Queen of the Night.’


I just watched this and I’m already tearing up.



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