The Vampire Diaries: I’d Leave My Happy For You


Damon and Elena think about the consequences of his offer. Enzo wants Stefan to help him with Lily. Jo and Alaric our enjoying their pre-wedding festivities.

Omg at the beginning I got so freaked out but it’s actually really cute what they do. Like you forget this is a supernatural show and everything seems really happy. You’ll get what I’m saying when you watch it.

But in all honesty, we can’t be happy. Because we know for a fact this is Nina’s last season, which means Elena’s only got two episodes left, which means so does Delena, and I can’t.

I cannot.

Of course I’ll still watch it for Damon, but why oh why. I understand it’s probably awkward for her and Ian to film scenes but like, that’s what acting is all about right? I mean you’ve still made films whilst being in TVD so that shouldn’t be the problem.

Oh well, I’ll do a whole rant about that in another post.

I’m crying, it’s getting too sad.

Delena is end game okay? I’ve always called it and it is, it’ll have to be. Because Elena is going to die, that’s the only way they can get rid of her, and in that time she’ll still be with Damon.

Obviously that may not happen but ssshhh. I think the cure that I’ve just seen her take is going to have some nasty side effect and kill her.

But again that’s just me. Okay excuse me whilst I go cry.

The way Damon looks at her man, he’s got a killer smile.

Okay sorry, I couldn’t stop commentating, I need someone to vent all this out to you see, even if no one reads this post.

So all her memories have come back now she’s taken the cure and she can’t be more in love with him now.

She’s a human now, and she’s happy and she feels like she wants to kiss him, so she kissed him.

Oh sheez, Lily (Stefan and Damon’s mother) has gone bat-shiz cray (get it? Bats are linked to vampires, Lily’s a vampire…no? Okay then) anyway, so she’s coming after Elena to feed on her, her ripper side is coming out. Jo is trying to help Bonnie because of the damage that Lily did to her. Man, I really don’t like Lily.

Stefan’s confronting Damon about the turning human thing. I personally don’t think Damon should turn human. I mean Elena is even more in love with him now that her memories have come back so she still loves him. The only thing is he’ll have to watch her die, but c’mon Damon, man up. You’ll lose your brother.

Damon and Stefan have got Lily locked up. Alaric and Jo are scared for their children- yes, she’s having twins, so they’re gonna leave Mystic Falls and go some place else.

Not even Elena wants Damon to turn human because everyone knows he’s not thinking about this. He’s being irrational.

Lily’s still bent on getting her people back which it seems like she will because meanwhile in 1903 her people are all awake and them and Kai are getting ready to come back to present day.

Yeah, he’s turned psycho again.

Cute, but psycho, but cute.



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