Crown The Empire

I actually only discovered these guys pretty recently. November I think it was. You see, I never used to really like screamo much and, well, that type of music and all that freaky makeup used to scare me.

But I don’t know, something’s changed and even though it kind of pains me to hear someone do screamo, I didn’t mind it as much, as long as the whole song wasn’t full on screamo- then my ears would bleed.

And what do you know? I find a band that has just the right balance. They’re videos are dark- in a good way, and they have a nice balance of screamo and normal singing. Plus they’re band members aren’t too bad, *cough* Andrew Velasquez *cough* Benn Suede*

Andrew Velasquez of Crown The Empire - Photo Credit: Steve Trager


So yeah, I’ve kinda loved them ever since. Before that I had heard of them and a few of their tracks, but obviously, I wasn’t into this kind of rock- yet.

This weekend, I’ve been obsessing with them all over again, hence why a  new post will be coming soon of aforementioned Benn and his girlfriend Acacia.

I think they’re a cute couple. Have no idea why she gets so much hate.



My favourites:

They’re Maroon 5 covers though:

But this one is just the bomb:

See what I mean? It’s so good. Wow, I love it more than the original version. It just has more emotion you know?




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