The Vampire Diaries: A Bird In A Gilded Cage

Caroline is starting to show off her singing more and more.


Caroline is actually a pretty good humanity-less vampire, but Stefan wants her to be cray like him, and well, by the end of the episode he finally achieves that.

I think you can say that they’re together now.

Kai still feels extremely guilty about what he did to Bonnie and he’s being so cute to her, but she can’t forgive him so when they went to 1903 (or 1904 can’t remember) to pick up ‘Mrs Salvatore’, she left Kai behind as punishment.


I understand where she’s coming from but he’s being so nice, I can’t help but feel sorry for him. But I like him so I guess I have a biased opinion.

Elena and Damon are quite couple-y in this, she’s cooing over his baby photo (singular word used deliberately aha) and she meets his Mum and for a bit everything seems a bit normal.

Damon isn’t too pleased with his mother but she’s coming with them anyway to help, she has all her family that are vampires with her and thinks they’re coming too but Damon says no and eventually she gives in.

They all return leaving Kai in 1903/4 with about 6 vampires, one of them who is strangling him at the end of the episode.

To be honest, I think it’s worse for Kai, because Bonnie was only trapped like twenty years in the past- she still had all the food and basic technology, even cars and what else, but Kai doesn’t really have anything. The only thing he might find is blood but that’ll give him no sustenance, and his weather is terrible, he’s in the middle of nowhere- it’s just not right.

Enzo is warming to Sarah, and wants to leave her alone.

Alaric is preparing to be a father.

And I think that is all.


So it’s airing on my birthday…yay!!!!! 😀



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