The Vampire Diaries: The Downward Spiral

Ian directed this episode, it must be good.

Caroline has some unexpected behaviors following the death of her mother and surprises her friends with a strange demand after turning off her humanity. Stefan’s attempt to help Caroline backfires and he needs Elena’s help to undo the damage.

The opening song- I love it. Ian good taste in music.

Aha, I’m just going to be complimenting every little thing now.

Woah, Liam’s back. I thought he was gone for good- and him and Caroline…woah.

Ouch she bit him.

Bonnie and Elena are reunited.

Kai and Damon…I see the beginnings of a new bromance. But I think they’re both too sassy. They kinda clash. Oh well, I ship it.

Omg, Stefan and Damon’s mum isn’t in her coffin 😮

Enzo is still on his mission to get Sarah to become a vampire and end the Salvatore bloodline.

You can tell it’s another director, Ian in this case, all the little flashes between scenes and the deadpan comments, and, you can just tell, I don’t know, it’s like a story-telling episode.


It’s so dramatic as well.

Like there’s this scary music stuff and then she’s all like “I’m gonna get a latte now” and Elena and Bonnie look like they want to hide in a corner.

I think that Sarah and Enzo might have a thing in the future.

Oh god it’s like deja vu.

Enzo has told Sarah he’s a vampire- some suspense building music plays and then she’s just like okay. And then it just stops and he wanted her to have a greater reaction.

And he disses the Twilight series, just like Damon did in Season 1 episode 2 was it?

Okay, wait, maybe Caroline and Enzo are going to be a thing too.

So confusing…

Aww, Liam is so cute, he has to describe making out with Caroline and biting and all that, and things just get a bit awkward.

Now they’re all at a rave.

Oooh, Bonnie is the bomb.

You’ll get what I mean when you watch it.

Guys what if Bamon becomes a thing though?!

Naaahhh, they’re just friends…

But him and Nina aren’t together now so how long will Delena last.

Kai wants to apologise to Bonnie though, so maybe they’ll have a thing.

Either way, Bonnie is single and free to mingle since Jeremy’s gone for good.

Caroline was with Stefan I forgot.

Omg she just gave Enzo the idea to compel Stefan to switch off his humanity.

Okay so, Damon finds Bonnie at the rave.

And he’s brought my next fave dude.

Yupp, Kai.

Basically, he’s brought Kai to apologise to her because Kai wanted to and he wouldn’t help Damon about his mother otherwise.

He begins to apologise and he honestly looks so sad and so sincere and so cute and-

you get it.

But all Bonnie kept thinking about was the amount of times he’d hurt her.

Then he called her by a nickname: ‘Bon’ (see, he’s already calling her by her nickname, he must like her right, right? Well I ship them, I shipped them in that other world when they were trapped together.)

Anyway, she snapped out of her daze at this.

And woah, she was seething, like full on scary calm.

She said she’ll melt his face off if she sees him again- that scared Damon.

And then she did this witchy exit thing and I was like damn guuuurrrrll, show ’em what you got.

Stefan finds out that he’s the trigger to turning Caroline back, but because he tries to do that, Caroline gets angry and compels Liam to torture Sarah.

Oh gosh, there’s this awesome rock epic song stuff in the back, to be honest, that’s one of the main reasons I liked Twilight, all the background music just makes things ten times cooler than they are.

And Caroline looks all rock chick-y so it goes well.

Bonnie is really mad, Damon goes after her but she’s so upset, so she puts him through everything Kai put her through. It’s actually really sad, you feel so sorry for her.

Caroline said that to save Sarah’s life, Stefan has to shut his humanity off.

Kai tells Damon about his Mum even though he didn’t get to apologise to Bonnie- see he’s changing for the better.

Anyway, he told Damon that his Mum is a…


Yupp, and she’s even worse than Stefan, about 3000 she’s killed.

Kai’s coven trapped her in some 1903 world.

Gosh so much screaming.

Even Damon just got mad, just like Bonnie did like ten minutes ago.

Bonnie voicemails Jeremy and tells him that she won’t visit him yet., she needs time.

Liam is about to kill Sarah, but Elena comes, and knocks him unconscious and then she saves Sarah with her blood.

Ooooh, will she become a vampire…?

Stefan tells Elena over the phone ‘Bring me back.’

Basically he turns his humanity off.

And it’s so dramatic, I feel like I’m watching a blockbuster.

Cue more rock music.

OMG Ian I love you and your need to put in some epic guitar solo every ten minutes throughout the episode.


And you seem to know the perfect moments when to put them in too.

I mean right now Caroline and Stefan are both humanity-less and are sipping margaritas .

I mean two heartless vampires with margaritas…if that’s not a cue to put on a heavy metal number then I don’t know what is.

Elena is on the phone with Stefan and is like “Please don’t tell me you’ve shut it off.”

So he’s like “Fine I won’t.”

Then Caroline takes the phone and is like “He shut it off.”

The call is ended, Stefan is sipping his margarita, Caroline is smirking whilst lying on the bar…




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