The Vampire Diaries: Let Her Go


Damon just keeps getting hotter- and younger looking. And flawless. And just wow.

Bonnie manages to get her magic back but just when she’s ready to get out of that place, the eclipse goes and it starts to snow. Yep, she’s gone further back in time- 1903. So weird and unfair on Bonnie, it’s not right.

Damon was given the task by Liz before she died to write a Eulogy, turns out he’s had to do that before but couldn’t- this time he did though. I love him too much. I chose the right character.

Caroline is upset obviously but trying to be her usual self.

Stefan doesn’t know where they stand in their relationship.

Kai’s health is deteriorating because he wasn’t supposed to merge with Luke.

But his condition is really bad and the only way he can get better is if he steals Jo’s magic.

I’m crying. Sorry, the funeral is too sad. Caroline’s singing, woohoo, second time in this show she’s sang.

Tyler’s going through heartbreak, poor dude, getting drunk is not the answer my friend.

Matt is going to join the police force, and is making Tyler join. They both seem okay with the idea. So do I to be honest.

Okay, look, I’m really sad, cos last week we said bye to Jeremy and now to Liz, and it’s too much. They’ve both been there from the beginning. We’ve lost loads of characters but come on, after six seasons…you can’t just let go.

See what I did there, ey? Ey?

Whilst Kai and Jo merge, the world Bonnie’s in keeps switching from the eclipse to the snow. Then she does the spell and before she leaves, she sees some woman, like a Victorian style lady (1903 remember), and they’re both like Who are you? And then Bonnie gets beamed up like Star Trek (beam me up Scotty!)

I’m a little nerdy. Just a tad.

Now Jo’s magic is gone. Kai is happy and leaves them be, but he drops a massive bombshell on Jo and tells her the reason she was vomiting earlier in the episode was because she’s pregnant.


I know right!

So Alaric asks her to marry her. It’s so spontaneous aha.

That’s what she thought as well, but then he whips out a ring, and it’s like woah, guess you were just waiting for the right time.

Can we please have an applause for Alaric? I love this dude.

Omg, he’s on one knee, yep he’s said it…

And she said YES!

Yas, thank goodness, well, she actually said it like three times.

I love it how they make sure there’s like a Defan moment at least every two episodes.

Woah, Caroline just snapped Elena’s neck.

Don’t ask.

I’m grinning like the Cheshire Cat now.

Omg, Damon came home and he sees Bonnie, and he has the biggest smile on his face, and this epic music comes on, and he opens his arms wide, and she does the best jump into his arms, it’s so cool.

I wish I could do that.

Stefan finds Elena unconscious in Caroline’s house, and Caroline’s gone.

The Victorian woman Bonnie saw before she left is Defan’s mother.

Yup, what a way to end the episode.

Probably my best episode this season.

(Hence the long recap- I was typing this whilst watching that’s why)

More glamorous than any of the front rows at NYFW. Or any runways.

Love James Bay, (he’s very good looking- very British looking too) and this is the song that the episode started with, makes sense looking at both the titles:



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