Geek Girl: GG, GG Model Misfit and GG Picture Perfect

SO, last Tuesday, in the midst of my mock exams, I decided to take a break and read Geek Girl.

Let’s just say I have mixed feelings.

Okay, book one: Geek Girl

  • As soon as I started the book, I had to do a double take at the font. You have to understand that I just went from The Count of Monte Cristo with the tiniest font in a book I’ve ever read, to Geek Girl, which, for a teen book, had far too big font. I’m guessing this was just to make the little content of the book seem five times more than it actually is.
  • That’s right. If I wanted to, I could’ve finished the book in a day. It took me one hour to read half of it, if I was bothered and didn’t have revision, I might’ve finished all three in a day.
  • Okay, back to the book.
  • I both liked and loathed the main character, Harriet Manners, when I was first introduced to her.
  • I liked her because of how many interesting facts I learnt from her, but I loathed her because of how many facts she enlightened me with. I wasn’t jealous, I was just annoyed that she just kept giving us facts instead of actually starting the bloody story. I understand that the author, Holly Smale, may have wanted to gush to us everything she knows (I like to put in a lot of references of things I know and like when I write), but this was just pure overload. My brain was actually hurting. But still, I managed to scavenge a few facts. Few being the operative word.
  • Then the actual story started and I just really didn’t like her, I mean she just acted so oblivious to everything. She shows off that she’s smart and yet doesn’t understand why people call her a geek? I mean, you don’t give a really nerdy comeback to someone who’s calling you a geek- you’re just proving their point.
  • I can imagine her being a hard person to put up with.
  • Things got slightly better when she began to model, and when ‘Lion Boy’ (Nick) was introduced.
  • She went to Russia, became an International Model. It was all well and good.
  • A few bits she still annoyed me, but if I read enough, I could slightly ignore that factor.
  • Whenever she was with Nick she seemed to be a bit more sane.
  • Her temper is too short and there are times when I want to punch her in the face. (Ironic.)
  • But overall it was a good book, and a part of me was excited to read the next book.
  • It’s not a total bore- well, it’s not boring at all, just aggravating.
  • In general, I think Harriet Manners and her story is an exaggerated version of Holly Smale and hers.

“Nobody hopped into a wardrobe to find Narnia; they hopped in, thinking it was just a wardrobe. They didn’t climb up the Faraway Tree, knowing it was a Faraway Tree; they thought it was just a really big tree. Harry Potter thought he was a normal boy; Mary Poppins was supposed to be a regular nanny. It’s the first and only rule. Magic comes when you’re not looking for it.”

Actually quite a good quote of the book. I liked it. Mainly because of the references.

Book two: Model Misfit

  • I was ready for the font and the annoyingness this time so it wasn’t as bad.
  • She went to Japan, which was interesting.
  • New model roommates who seemed really nice.
  • Better modelling shoots: One with an octopus, one in an arcade game, one on Mount Fuji. They were pretty awesome. My favourite one would be the last one.
  • An improved storyline- a little bit of mystery going on although it ended as soon as you found out there was one due to the short length of the books.
  • Much more interesting. You come to love all the characters even more.
  • Still wanted to punch her in the face.
  • In all it was pretty good.

“That’s the truth about people with obsessively organised plans: we’re not trying to control everything in our lives. We’re trying to block out the things we can’t.”

She might not have any common sense, but Harriet can sure come up with pretty good quotes.

Book three: Picture Perfect

  • Started this yesterday and finished it today so hopefully it’ll be more detailed than the previous one.
  • On results day she gets all A*s except for one C in woodwork (I wish I could get those grades) but then she’s doing some happy dance and her diary falls into the hands of Alexa- some girl who bullies her.
  • Harriet gets all dramatic and starts telling us that ‘her life is in there’ and blah blah.
  • It’s the summer and her parents tell her she’s gotta move to America, so she goes because Nick was going to be in New York.
  • They actually end up staying 1hr and a half away from New York, but her dad’s job is there so.
  • Her baby sister that was born at the end of the last book is with them and sounds cute but cries too much.
  • She is bored out of her mind.
  • On her 16th birthday she gets texts from Nat (best friend who wanted to be a model) and Toby (her even more geeky stalker). Nick said he’ll come and meet her and he even blew up 16 balloons and brought 16 cupcakes…only to go to the wrong place. Her mum and dad had forgotten about her birthday. Her short temper came through and she yelled at Nick so much over the phone.
  • Yeah, I wanted Nick to dump her and find someone more appreciative at that point. I mean, he heard you wrong it’s not his fault. At least be happy he thought about you and wasted his breath- literally, on surprising you with cakes and balloons. Ungrateful little girl.
  • I understand when she got angry at her parents though.
  • And then Wilbur called (her agent), and proposed to her a modelling job, so she took it because well, she had nothing better to do.
  • That’s when she actually got to New York.
  • She planned to meet up with Nick and they made up and he took her around New York and everything was perfect.
  • Then he found out that she came without permission and he got angry and called her parents who then grounded her.
  • She still snuck out every day to do her job and no one knew.
  • There was a boy called Caleb who was a photographer and tried to woo her but her heart was still for Nick.
  • Some stylist/model she had, convinced her to make Nick jealous as from what Harriet told her, it sounded as though he didn’t love her.
  • Caleb ended up kissing Harriet on the lips in front of Nick at some party.
  • Then she learnt from Fleur, a model she became friends with in the first book, that he’s a MC (model chaser) and basically tries to woo every model, kiss them, and then go onto the next one.
  • Nick dropped off her birthday gift at the party.
  • It was a necklace where each bead represented a planet of the solar system. I found that really cute cos it’s like in that one gift he gave her the universe, sort of.
  • Anyway, she couldn’t take how bad she felt and ran. Then her dad found her and she told him everything and cried it out.
  • Then she found Nick at the Brooklyn Bridge and he wasn’t angry, he was just sad and upset and they declared their love for each other and he expressed how tired he was of modelling; of not having a home. She persuaded him to go back to Australia for a while, she knew that meant they’ll see each other even less, but she wanted him to be happy.
  • Her and her dad told her step mum about everything and she wasn’t mad, then her dad decided that they’ll be going back to England and he’ll quit his job in New York because clearly his family weren’t happy here.
  • Back home she reunited with Nat (and Toby) who were both ecstatic to have her back.
  • In school Alexa had photocopied her diary for everyone to see, and this time as a comeback, Nat had blown up a photo of Nick and Harriet together on massive poster paper and showed Alexa who didn’t believe that Harriet had a supermodel as a boyfriend. She still didn’t believe her, but everyone thought she was pathetic for doing what she did with Harriet’s diary so that was all well and good. Harriet wasn’t bothered anymore.
  • Then she got a text from ‘Lion Boy’ saying “It’s not the end, Table Girl. We’re just hitting pause. LBxx PS ILY” Cute isn’t it? They met under a table if you’re wondering why he called her that.
  • And yeah, it was a cute ending, and although I wanted to punch her the most in this book, I’m actually excited for the next one: “All that Glitters”

“Love puts itself first, and makes its own plans. It maps you out instead. 

Maybe that’s what makes it perfect.”

The End

P.S. You can so tell I just read the last one.


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