Taylor Swift: Style

Are you seriously kidding me? She’s stealing all my guys and exploiting them to the rest of the world to share.

Like no. Just no.

Basically, Dominic Sherwood is in this video- he played Christian Ozera in The Vampire Academy film and yeah I’ve loved him since then.

And now he’s in her video and the whole world wants to know who he is, or has randomly started to love him, and it’s like just no please, can you not.


First Sean O’Pry, now him, although the Sean O’Pry one was a little worse, I mean, he is a supermodel.

Anyways, this song is awesome. Like I first heard it when her new album was completed and it must’ve leaked on YouTube, I don’t know, I loved it. But then it sorta disappeared and then two weeks ago or so, it was in the VS fashion show and someone used it on Vine so I was all like ‘yay!’ And then she announced that the video was coming out soon and I was like, YAS.

And then I watch the video four days late (today) after my hype with the song has slightly calmed down, but it’s kinda started again, and oh whatever.


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