JacksGap: The Collaboration Project- Fear (And a little message from me to the world about the world)

This video is so heartwarming, so touching. Inspiring, amazing, awesome, moving, epic, engaging, awaring…


I honestly love their new style of videos, I mean loads of people might not, but I think they’re amazing.

At least they’re doing something with the little power over the world that they have, at least they;re trying to make a difference, trying to show that they care, going out of their way to film all their videos and visit other countries.

You get what I mean?

No offence, but ‘vlogging’ about your daily life or making some stupid pointless videos isn’t really helping anyone. Yes, it’ll engage someone for a while, but what are they doing. What’s their intention behind their videos?

I understand you might’ve started off vlogging so why shouldn’t you continue, but if all you wanted was fame and subscribers and fans, and now you have them, you haven’t really got much to make videos for? So why don’t you use that fame you have to make a change? For a better world? To raise awareness?

Of course, this isn’t some ‘rant’ on trying to convert all youtubers into serious hippies but I’m just saying, that every once in a while, maybe not as frequently as JacksGap, but every now and then, make an inspiring video. Talk about something that’s annoying you, share your thoughts and feelings to the world. Your concerns, your goals, your wishes.

Use what you have to create some form of support, some form of media attention on world affairs, because clearly, the media that the world accepts don’t show the whole story.

This world needs a wake up call, and since technology is the next big thing, youtube is where to start.

For those of you who don’t make videos, I’m not saying pick up a cam-corder and start, well, you could if you wanted to. But I’m just saying, we need more videos like this and others that JacksGap have created in order to focus on things ither than are indulgent lives.

Even blogging about it like I’m currently doing is contributing towards a better world. A world where people are allowed freedom of expression, can see the difference between right and wrong. A world where there’s no injustice, where people less fortunate than us no longer have to remain that way, where animals can begin to live freely again and for the world to become a better place.

It’s not just my world, nor is it your world.

It’s our world, and we all need to stick together in order to make it a better place.


P.S. I have no idea what brought that about because this video has nothing to do with that but whatever I was getting a little passionate.


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