The Angels land in London

I actually had this in my drafts section since December 18th so technically I’m not late.

Well I am but.


I was honestly so happy yet sad when they come to London, to be honest I had no idea that it was the first show in this country but guess you learn something new every day.

Anyway it was awesome. I think they had the prettiest themes in this London one, usually they’re a little more wacky but this time they were quiet elegant.

The themes were:

  1. Gilded Angel (golds and whites; very goddess like)
  2. University of Pink (the only slightly non-opulent one ft. Ariana Grande)
  3. Exotic Traveller (featuring fantasy bras and Ed Sheeran)
  4. Fairy Tale (my favourite one ft. Hozier)
  5. Dream Girl (another favourite ft. Taylor Swift)
  6. Angel Ball (also my favourite ft. Taylor Swift)

Cool songs were featured in it too, example the one below:


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