Kiandrea vs Kendrea

I think it was round about when I first started watching Connor, or just randomly, but Kian’s channel came up in my recommended and, well, you know, he was looking fine, so I clicked on the video and watched it. Then his girlfriend tag video came up and I was like, of course he has a girlfriend. I watched it anyway and as soon as it’d ended I thought they were the cutest couple ever.

And that was it, I never watched another video of them.

Some O2L ones with Kian, but otherwise, none.

Then, I started getting familiar with viners, and then when I joined vine like two months ago, I started following everyone, Kian and Kenny included, and even Andrea, and that’s when I found out they’d broken up.

I just got so upset.

And what makes me even more upset is the fact that Andrea seems to be taking it pretty well and may have already moved on.

Yep, you heard me right.

I was looking at vine singers and found Kenny, and I was like wow. Cos he had an amazing voice and an amazing face, body whatever.

And some time then I found out that him and Andrea re together.

Or are they?

All this time, I thought, woah she’s with Kenny, poor Kian, but good for her, and then today she posted a vine saying she’s listening to some music and it’s almost Valentine’s Day but she’s single.

Bish whuut?

I thought you were with Kenny?

So yeah, I really don’t know now.

Anyway, yesterday, I was just binging on some Kiandrea videos, and one thing that came in my head:

Wow, nice backing tracks.


Okay, well that and how they were just cuteness overload.

I’ll share the videos, also some interviews on the breakup, a video of Andrea saying stuff bout Kian, and Kenny singing to Andrea.

(Song: Hey There Delilah)

(Song: Once In A Lifetime)

(Song: Perfect Two)

(Song: All I Want)

(Song: Oh Darling)

(Song: Sad Song)

(Song: Classic)

To be honest, I’ve actually heard most of these songs and played them on repeat. But still, Once In A Lifetime by Landon Austin and Perfect Two were ones I hadn’t heard, so that was nice.

Interviews on break-up:

The ‘first and last time I watched their videos’ videos:

Plus some extra videos cos I’m sure I watched more than these two but I guess I didn’t so here are some more cute ones:

Her controversial snapchat video 😮 :

When Kenny sang to Andrea and almost kissed her:

The vine she posted today saying she’s single:

Sorry Kendrea shippers, but I’m gonna have to go for Kiandrea… X ❤


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