Emma is Belle- Literally

Guys. It’s 11:08pm on a Monday and I’m writing this post in bed.

Hey guys!

So…I was supposed to write this post earlier but I had revision and homework and all that, but I still had to post it today because…

Well, because I need to vent out all the fangirling and it’s one of those rare times where I have a chance to not delay a post.

Basically, Emma Watson is going to play the role of Belle in a new live-action musical of Beauty and the Beast.

This news came in a magazine of mine in 2011 and that’s not a lie. But Emma officially confirmed it today.

And I am over the moon.

She’s just the perfect person to play the role and I can’t imagine anyone else playing Belle.

Belle is my favourite princess and Emma loves her too, must be a dream come true for her. I mean we all play dress up but she’s legit being the princes.

And its not so bad for me either. I mean my favourite actress and my favourite princess in one? Couldn’t have asked for anything more really.

But anyway, I’m really hyped about that and cannot wait for it to be released.

Whilst I found this, I also came across two other films of Emma’s that will be released this year: Regression and Cornia, Cornelia…Co…some other film beginning with C that just finished filming the other day.

I have some serious updating to do.

I just don’t see how she has the time.

One day she’s in Argentina wrapping up that film and the next she’s in Switzerland making a speech on feminism.

She is the epitome of perfection.

I choose my role models well.


Just look 😍👌

So, what do you guys think?


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