Why Natalie Portman and Emma Watson are my role models

Read this: 50 facts about Natalie Portman  


She is literally the perfect role model for me. After Emma Watson obviously. But omg, them two are so amazing. I wanna be them. I don’t envy them, don’t get me wrong, more like, I’m in awe of them. C’mon, one’s a graduate of Harvard University and the other’s a graduate of Brown…they’re both models, well were/ were chosen to be, they’re both super smart, they’re both actresses, both show that women are waaaayy better than men, they’re pretty, do charity work, down to earth. Just awesome…

goals dude, goals.


Queens ^^^^^^^^^^

Read this: 50 facts about Emma Watson (P.S. It states ‘Emma admires Natalie Portman’ Gosh they better have a film together or do some campaign together or just sit next to each other at a fashion show)


I tried very hard to look for pictures they looked alike in…both wearing white, hair do is more or less the same, both not looking at the camera…that’s probably it…

Natalie Portman:-  Studied neuroscience and psychology at Harvard, and attended graduate school at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She is fluent in Hebrew and has also studied Japanese, Arabic, French, and German.


Emma Watson:- Has an IQ of 138. Studied at Brown University and Worcester College, Oxford University. Had eight A* grades at GCSE and two As.


And may I just add, Natalie Portman’s IQ is 140.

This is so random, but I found this pic and think it’s cool:


Yeah so apparently, okay last year, early 2014 I think, or could’ve been 2013 I don’t know, but I did an online IQ test and I scored 107 which is about average.

Then today I did one and I scored 133 which is apparently very intelligent. (When you hit 140 it’s meant to be classed as genius, Natalie Portman fits into that I guess. Albert Einstein is 161 or something, but the highest was 210 I think, some German dude.)

If the score’s are true then I am proud of myself, and shocked really, cos it’s the holidays meaning my brain is close to being dead and I’m fifteen. Age doesn’t matter anyway.

But online tests that are free are usually not the real deal. Which explains after I did the test on so many websites it asked for payment before they gave me my score. Which is a bit sad because I had to answer all these pointless questions and then not even get a result after. 😦

Finally, I found one and it said my score is 133.

I just hope it’s true, or hope it’s wrong and it’s actually higher.

Don’t get me wrong, I watch a lot of TV and do a lot of procrastinating but when it comes to studying and school and all things learning and brains and cleverness-

I try my best. It’s not natural, I have to work my socks off, but it’s well worth it. I mean I would rather be clever over being pretty or being a millionaire etc.

A little rant there…

Guyism Composite

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