Once Upon A Time: Season 4 (so far…)

I didn’t want to add this show to my website, just like I didn’t add Supernatural and Pretty Little Liars, because although it’s nice to have them on here, it means more work for me to blog about them. I prefer having them just to watch, not to blog about as well.

However, maybe just because I’m in the #OUAT phase, or something else, I’m going to add this show to the site because I do like blogging about it, I really do.

So, I’ve added it.

I actually don’t even know why I added Sherlock and Doctor Who- must’ve been a spur of the moment thing.

Well, anyway, I’ll be starting recaps like I do for the other shows for this one too after it returns.

Basically, Elsa has arrived and she created this massive snow wall because she wants to find her sister and she’;s scared and she needs help. The Snow Queen it turns out has been following Emma since she was born and actually owns a modest ice-cream shop within the town. She casts a spell on Marianne freezing her and Regina tries to help but she can’t find a spell. Elsa gets help to find Anna from residents of the town, and there’s a lot of flashbacks from Arendelle. Emma and Hook go on a date ❤ She asks him out XD The Snow Queen wants Emma and Elsa to be her sisters because they all have magic and they won’t judge her like her previous sisters did, she’s just lonely, I felt sorry for her. But then when Anna and Hans return and Anna finds a letter from her mum about how she was wrong to judge Ingrid (The Snow Queen), she gets really happy and she says all she’s ever wanted was for them to accept her and now that they have, she’ll break the curse. Yeah, she kinda cast a curse that makes everyone be the worst they can be and turn on each other so that eventually they’d all kill each other and it’ll only be Emma, Elsa and her left. However after reading that letter, she ended the curse by killing herself. Rumplestiltskin meanwhile had Hook’s heart and tried to cast some spell with this wizard’s hat that contains more or less every person with magic. But he fails because Belle finds out and is so angry at him that she controls him with the dagger and tells him to leave Storybrooke. He’s devastated however he goes out to New York to find Ursula ( evil sea witch), Maleficent, and Cruella De Vil to help him with some other evil plan. And that’s how it ends. Henry and Regina are trying to find the author of the ‘Once Upon A Time’ book that started everything so that they can get Regina a happy ending after she had to send Robin, his son and his wife away as it was the only way she could be saved (Marianne). Elsa, Anna and Hans return to Arendelle. And yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Weird though, cos in Frozen, Gerda and Kai are Elsa and Anna’s parents, and the Snow Queen is Gerda’s sister, but the actual story is totally different.


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