My Avril Favourites

On Monday I was going through an Avril phase…

for the 37th time

(joke, just wanted it to sound like a lot, but legit as well)

See what I mean by ‘phases’?

I go through them more than the moon does and that’s saying something.


I just came up with that.

Sometimes I think I’m awesome.

Well, when I do stuff like that. ^^^^^^^^^^

Here’s another example that I came up with at around 4am after watching the season 3 finale of Once Upon A Time.

That’s awesome stuff right there. ^^^^^^^^

My brain works better late at night yet I’m too lazy to do work then.


Anyway, besides the point.

Here are my favourite Avril songs: (mostly all of the, cos I loved them all at one point)

Okay, there’s probably loads more but I have Once Upon A Time to watch so…

But seriously guys, listen to all of these and all the ones you find on the way.

You just can’t hate Avril.

Everyone likes at least one of her songs.

No lie.

P.S. I watched Pretty In Pink and The Breakfast Club today, with the parents and siblings.

So bloody good.


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