Forget it.

You know, I was going to write an entire post on ballet and why I love it and how I’m gonna learn everything and get pointe shoes and the rest of it

but that all might as well go down the drain now that I found out that it is impossible, virtually and theoretically impossible to learn ballet at home without the assistance of a teacher.

I don’t want to go to classes cos I don’t want a career in it, it’s just for recreational purposes, just for my own benefit. I’ve always wanted to try it out and wear the pointe shoes and pirouette and do plies and the rest of it.

But I can’t now.

I did learn the basics last week, before I just found out that it was all for nothing.

I learnt the arm positions and the feet positions, I learnt how to do demi-plies and grande-plies, I learnt how to do coupés and a tendu, degage and a rond de jamb, I even learnt eleve, releve and demi pointe.

Now it sounds like a lot, although I’m sure it really isn’t. I’m not really show if any of that counts as exercise and whether it even counts as ballet.

SO that’s all I’ve learnt and I think that’s all I ever will learn.

It is sad, but I’ll practice this everyday and maybe I’ll turn to yoga instead.

It’s just that ballet is different and I really like it and it would’ve been nice if I could teach myself cos it would’ve felt like a huge achievement.

I guess not.

Probably wouldn’t have had time for the more complicated stuff anyway.

Hopefully, yoga will be more flexible (no pun intended), as in allow me to do it at home without an instructor, plus it seems to be what Nina Dobrev and Emma Watson prefer so…

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P.S. I’m still gutted.

And really thirsty.


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