Once Upon A Time: Season Two

Holy Cow.

Holy actual frickin’ cow.


I can’t


The feels


——————————————————– (That’s basically my lifeline right now- theoretically speaking)



Okay. So, I began watching Once Upon A Time when it first aired on TV with my family however as we neared to the end of the first season and eventually the last episode, it was only me and my sister who were watching it.

Then when season two started, we got through two episodes then stopped cos I found it boring.

Don’t what the heck I was on back then cos it sure as hell isn’t boring.

But anyway, we just stopped. I’d just abandoned it.

Then fast forward round about a year and a half later and then you get fifteen year old me thinking about going back to it.

I tried to watch it a few months back but for some strange reason I couldn’t find any links. (Very strange- I must’ve been undergoing a serious case of denial because if I try looking for a link now, the first ones I find usually work.)

Anyway, so I abandoned it for a second time, and now that the Christmas holidays are here and I have nothing better to do with my life, I tried again.

This time it worked, and I began watching on Saturday, then Sunday, then Monday, then today, Tuesday. Well actually it’s past midnight so it’s not today, it’s yesterday, but you get where I’m going with this.

And ehmagerd, it is the best decision I have ever made.

Like ever.

Maybe exaggerating a little


It’s just so cool, and Hook has to be my favourite. In the first season it was Jamie Dornan as the Sheriff but then he died quite quickly, then after that I kinda just loved and hated everyone.

Hook, however made an appearance and I found my character. He’s actually another reason why I returned to the show because where there’s Hook, there is finally a new love interest for Emma, and there’s Neverland.

Speaking of Neverland, that’s where they’re headed now. Like Regina, Emma, Mary-Margaret, David, Hook, and Gold. They’re all journeying to Neverland on the Jolly Roger in search for Henry whom Peter Pan is waiting for. Yes, so that means I’m going to be extremely happy.

Oh god, even typing about this is making me fangirl. Guys you should be honoured, blogging is my outlet, hence my place to fangirl with the world cos no one else understands what I’m talking about.

The next season is going to be so awesome, I might actually start it now, or maybe tomorrow (well, today), I don’t this is just soooo good.

I’ve always like fairy-tales and stuff so…

This show is kind of perfect for me.

A lot of cool stuff happened in this season; new characters, more info on all their pasts (Regina’s, Emma’s and Gold’s in particular).


gosh, I’m overwhelmed with feels.

Gonna have to go to bed now, but don’t worry, I shall be back X

Night- or morning, whatever floats your boat.

Or your ship- cos the season ended with the ship. Oh whatever.

P.S. This is also the reason why I haven’t blogged as much as I’d promised. But don’t worry, all my ideas are saved as drafts so as soon as I’m done with this show, I’ll quickly publish them.


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