Happy Belated Birthday Vanessa!

Sorry, okay, I had mocks last week, which went awesome by the way, and then I had a controlled assessment for history and had to write a short narrative in two days. A lot of writing basically.

But tonight, imma chill. 🙂

And tomorrow is the last day of school before we break up for the Christmas holidays.


Then two whole weeks of binging on…everything really.

Watched some Godzilla in school today. That was cool.

Vanessa Hudgens, my first ever celebrity obsession- probably, celebrated her 26th birthday on Sunday. Happy late birthday. I feel so bad for saying that.

I’m so grateful for my @gigionbroadway family!! For our amazing first week and starting off my birthday just right Read more at http://websta.me/n/vanessahudgens#SBt5cu8KUYDA177O.99
Always celebrating holidays with @soulcycle lol 4d Read more at http://websta.me/n/vanessahudgens#SBt5cu8KUYDA177O.99
I’m such a lucky girl. My man is the best wrapper in the world. And present giver. Lol Read more at http://websta.me/n/vanessahudgens#SBt5cu8KUYDA177O.99
Besos to all my love bugs for all the birthday wishes yesterday. It’s been a wonderful year and I’m so excited for the year to come!!!! Read more at http://websta.me/n/vanessahudgens#SBt5cu8KUYDA177O.99


She’s queen guys ❤

Source: http://rumberanetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Vanessa-Hudgens-2014-Summer-Hat-Wallpaper.jpg


P.S. That reminds me; there will be a post coming on all these awesome rock bands.


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