The Vampire Diaries: Christmas Through Your Eyes

I’m sorry I just love Kai. I just do, I don’t know okay. I just like him, he’s one of them guys you just have to love. And the actual dude that plays him, Chris Wood, well, he’s just ten times hotter, and funny, witty blah blah. Everything.



I know, I know, how the hell can you get such a perfect human being? He looks good blonde, I think he’d actually be quite good to play the role of Sebastian in The Mortal Instruments, just me?

Might as well just call this post a ‘Chris Wood Appreciation Post’ or something.



Basically me right now ^^^^^^^^^^


Bonnie thinks about about happier times as she attempts to replicate her favourite holiday traditions.

It’s sooo christmasssy! I LOVE IT.

Omg, Caroline’s Mum :O



This can’t be happening.

This episode is too sad, it’s good, but sad. Defan are going strong. But everything else, woah.

What a mid-season finale…





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