Taylor Swift: Blank Space

My sister said this video was insane. And Taylor kept singing she’s insane in this song so I guess that makes sense.

But anyway, I was watching this, thinking what the hell is going on, then Sean O’Pry came on the screen. And I had to pause it so I could fangirl and scream to no one that “IT’S SEAN O’PRY OH MY GOD IT’S SEAN O’PRY OMG SEAN O’PRY!”

Yupp. You see, the second wattpad book I read introduced me to this model, who is taking the world by storm, and I realised I’d seen him before.

Source: http://procapitalist.ru/galleries/2979/sean-opry-armani-jeans-fall-winter-2012-campaign11.jpg

Then I just kind of forgot about him. I mean, I follow him on Instagram and he’s hot but other than that- yeah.

And yesterday I saw him in Taylor’s video.

I still don’t know why Taylor Swift is in my music category, I mean, yeah some of her songs are good, but my point is, if I have her, I should have:

Source: http://static.tumblr.com/71a437f2d2a395dd1607647a1d321ff3/bnxumwy/wtdn4cwpm/tumblr_static_band_collage_by_imightbeapanda-d6vmqig.png

P.S. It annoys me how half the world only know Sean now, like dudes, you’re 25 years late.

(Featured Image, source: https://flavorwire.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/taylor-swift-blank-space.jpg )


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