The Honey Trees



I’ve known these guys for like a year now, as in not physically known them, I mean have listened to their music, and let me tell you: They’re awesome.

Apparently, according to Wikipedia whom you should never trust, these guys are a ‘dream pop’ band, dream pop being a sub-genre of alternative rock, and they began in 2008.

^^^^^ My favourites X

At first, it was only Becky Filip (the girl obvs) and then Jacob Wick joined not so long after, and ta-dah! They’re a band- they perform as a quartet live but otherwise, it’s solely these two.


I think they’d make a great couple- I think they’re a couple, I hope they’re a couple, you see because this messed up world is too busy having music like ‘Anaconda’ known instead of these guys’ music, they aren’t very well-known, I mean, they’re self-titled, they’re not even signed, so I really don’t know much about them.


Other than they’re normal just like me and you but then have a knack for vintage stuff, kinda like me.

Honestly though, give them a try, as soon as you hear her sing you’ll be like ‘woah.’ I really thing Jacob should get a full on solo instead of backing vocals, but then again, he plays most of the instruments used in their songs so…

P.S. OKAY WOAH HOLD UP So I was just looking for pictures for this post and it turns out they’re an item 🙂 Pictures somewhere above. Soo many cute ones but those were my favourite. Plus, their style has changed A LOT over the past years, I’d be posting fifty odd pictures if I showed all of them. His smile ❤ It’s one of them couples where you like the dude, but aren’t jealous, like you totally adore them no matter what. They’ve been dating for a long time! Please get married X


Obsessed with them again, found this awesome tumblr:

Just keep on scrolling.

Wow these have been together for aaaaggggges- why are they not married yet?


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