Yes, that Prom.

I vowed, when I first saw the trailer on Disney, that I’d never watch such a stupid sappy film. I didn’t see the plot, like, c’mon, where’s the plot in a Prom.


Anyway, so my mum, yes my mum, said the other day, ‘Oooh, I found a film to watch.’ So I was all like ‘Cool, what’s it called?’ She said ‘Prom.’ And that was it. I knew which film she was talking about, I didn’t wanna watch it, but somehow I managed to sit through the whole thing. And you know what my initial thought was at the end?

‘Jesse and Nova’ ❤


Yeah, practically my ship for the whole of yesterday. I get a buzz after I watch a film and that film will be all I think about the entire day.

So yeah that happened. And, I also thought that it wasn’t that bad, I mean most of it was pretty bad, all this cute cliché lovey dovey soppy stuff was getting on my nerves and I had to cringe every ten seconds, but other than that, it was fine. Especially when Thomas McDonell came on the scene.


Quite a few points in the film I was just like *cough* wattpad book *cough*. There was this motorbike scene, and then this dress fitting scene, and then this fight scene, and woah, in fact the whole idea of Nova the good girl and Jesse the bad boy was just wattpad.


But yeah, I liked it anyway.



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