Drawing inspo.

If you guys don’t already know, I am a girl of many hobbies, one of them being drawing.

As my art teacher said:

“Without art, we’d just be naked in a field.”

Which, in all it’s entirety, is true.

I mean art creates the clothes we wear and the houses we live in.

But enough of all that cliché rubbish.

What I’m trying to say is that I like art, it gives everything meaning and it’s a way to express yourself if you can’t find the right words. It’s stress-relieving and communication on a whole different level. It’s relaxing and something that anyone can do without being judged as art can be interpreted in different ways; what one person thinks is ugly, someone else will find beauty in it.

Wow, pretty deep. Proud of myself for coming up with that.

Anyways, lately I’ve abandoned this much-loved hobby of mine for reading or blogging, or simply procrastinating. I’ve only now just realised how much I miss drawing and that my life shouldn’t have to revolve around a keyboard or a TV (also all that is extremely bad for my eyes, and I love my eyes too much to get glasses as a consequence of my extensive use of my laptop.) SO, I have began drawing again and you know what? It feels amazing. I mean, I draw in school when I have free period but that’s just the occasional doodle, it’s been a while since I’ve actually sat down with my sketchpad and my pencils and drawn something that held meaning.

That’s what I’ve gone back to doing. I found a lot of inspirational drawings derived from Google who derived them from tumblr:

I’ve completed two of these today: the feather one that’s looped with ‘free’ and the one that has a wasp or something on the mouth.

Feeling really good.

Try giving drawing a go!


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