The Vampire Diaries: I’ll Remember


(10 mins in, and I already love it, P.S. Nina Dobrev is really not looking good in my book at the moment, my mum told me- yes, my mum, she’s well informed in the lives of Ian and Nina, and other celebrities, guess I know where I get that from…anyway, so yeah, she told me summa about Nina being jealous that Ian is dating again and that she doesn’t want to- no, let me rephrase that, she WON’T do TVD if Ian is doing it too. I’ll let you in on everything later.)

Ugh, even her character (Elena) annoys me.

*OMG  Everyone stop what you’re doing. There was just a Damon and Alaric parallel, remember when Damon said he was a ‘germaphobe’ back in season…4 I think it was? Well, yeah, Alaric just said the exact same thing. Sorry for that. 😉 *

After months of coping with her loss, in a potentially dangerous way, Elena returns to college. Caroline looks at how to reverse the anti-magic spell. Alaric finds it hard to adjust.


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