Welcome to the Jemi phase, no, sorry, the Nemi phase, wait did I say Nemi? I meant Stemi.

Okay, y’all remember when I was hyping over Jemi, last week was it? Well, yeah, that faded after to days or so.

Until Sunday.

I was at my cousin’s house and Camp Rock came on the TV, Shane actually, to be precise, and I just sort of screamed, flapped my hands and jumped up for two seconds. But two seconds were enough to make my cousins think I officially needed help. No seriously, I’ve done many weird things in front of them, but this? They didn’t understand what had gotten into me.  Then we all sat down and watched Camp Rock and all I kept thinking about was Jemi Jemi Jemi Jemi. That rekindled my fangirling over them. I probably watched a few Jemi videos when I got home after, probably. But then I forgot about them. Until ALAKAZAM BOOM!

The eve of Results Day.

For those of you who have absolutely no idea what that is, let me clear things up for you.

In Britain, we have these exams that you do at the end of Secondary School, usually years 10 and 11 (ages 14-16) covering the subjects you study. They’re called GCSEs. So a few months ago, I did half of these and we got told that we’d get our results on August the 21st. At the time, I was just really glad that my exams were over, so I didn’t bother thinking how near that date was. But I did figure out that it’d ruin my entire holidays.

But it didn’t. Until the night before when my heart decided my body wasn’t warmed up enough so it needed to beat at 100b/s causing me to not be able to even sit still and watch the bake off. That’s it. The Great British Bake Off. I’ve been watching it for the past two years now, this being my third, and I’ve ALWAYS been able to sit through it. But not that day. No. Nevertheless, I tried my best but as soon as it was finished, I ran upstairs, took out my laptop and promised myself that I’d watch the latest episode of PLL and then go to bed and pray as hard as I can.

Obviously, that is not what I did. I didn’t even watch the PLL episode, I just went straight on to Jemi videos, then Nemi videos because I noticed the way Nick looks at Demi and, well, I had to, and then finally Stemi videos. And Channy videos-

Look, they were ALL recommended okay? Okay.

The good thing is, is that they cheered me up, like loads, well, the Channy ones. I honestly forgot about the day after…

And then the internet was disconnected, and that horrible feeling returned.

Anyway, enough of all this morbid-ness, the next day was good good, I was pleased pleased, my hard work payed off, and I do not want to talk about how I was happy about my results cos then that means they were good which means I’m bragging and I hate bragging, I mean, I don’t mean to brag (oh how ironic) but I’m extremely modest. At least I think I am.


Well, after Doomsday was over, there was only one thing left to do. Watch Sonny with a Chance for the rest of the holidays, and Channy moments, and Stemi moments.

And basically that’s what I’ve been doing for the past three days. Of course I do other things, like yesterday I didn’t watch any, not really.

Let me tell you one thing though, why on earth did I ship Jemi (or Nemi) when you have Stemi/Channy? Like hellllooooo. Hasta Lavista Jemi, Arriverderchi Nemi, there’s a new OTP for me.

Right so that’s all I’ve been watching since that awful night (my friend watched Sonny with a Chance to cheer her up too! Great minds think alike) and it’s mainly Channy moments, maybe a few Random episodes (get it? Random. So Random? Oh whatever) but not much. You see, I feel as though I need to treasure all of them because there probably won’t be a new season, like period. At all. Zilch Nada. Zero. Buuut, I guess a girl could still dream right?

And this is what I found when I typed Sonny with a Chance into Google.


Okay, sorry, I didn’t read it until now, so there’s no hope for it. Apart from a possible reboot. With a whole different cast.

I’m fine with watching repeats thanks.

First episode date: February 8, 2009


Final episode date: January 2, 2011
It makes me so sad.
Found these, yes it’s on the Sonny with a Chance soundtrack, and yes, it’s Sterling Knight:
This also makes me sad:
Just watched some videos of fans meeting Sterling Knight. He’s so nice! Honestly, he’s like the nicest guy ever. Oh god, my heart hurts real bad now, why couldn’t Stemi have been a thing, or they could’ve at least let Channy continue for longer. But it was because of Demi’s health so I’m not going to complain. But still. I’m sad.
Don’t worry, I’ll be fine in a few weeks. And then about three years later, it’ll return. Unless something changes in those three years. I mean, Demi did post a picture of her and Sterling on her instagram like a few months ago so…but she’s dating that Wilmer dude, who loves her very much and she loves him, so I’m happy for them. Oh god. I hate this.
Demi Lovato The X Factor
Okay, so it was September 2014. Still recent. “Look who I just reunited with!!!! @SterlingKnight – missed you brother!! #sonnyfamilyforLIFE” Key word being brother. Guess she just doesn’t see him that way. He looks like a lost puppy here.
Wilmer Valderrama and Demi Lovato
For her birthday a few days ago. “Wishing you happy birthday would never come close to all the inspiring things I wish for your life, We laugh our asses off, While we do all we can to better everything around us.. Love you through all.”

*sigh* I’m still thinking of Stemi even though it’ll never be…maybe…

P.S. Was supposed to watch PLL today. Yupp. Still haven’t seen it. Oh and thanks for over 20,000 views. You guys are awesome. The purpose of this post was to make me feel better about my re-hype of Channy and Stemi, but it’s just made it worse. I started this post at like 10:30pm and now it’s 12:30 am. Wowzers. Watching Demi’s old videos now, from six years ago. Yupp, Sterling, Tiffany and Brandon were in one, about her first album release, and the JoBros are in one. Selena’s in loads, aww, I miss ’em. Wow, I think their friendship was longer than Vanessa’s and Ashley’s, but then again the latter two’s hasn’t ended yet.

16 ^^^^

Only 15 when she filmed Camp Rock, Princess Protection Programme and first episodes of Sonny with a Chance.


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