Teen Wolf: Perishable


Deputy Parrish was tied up to the steering wheel in his car by a fellow Deputy who then put fuel all over the car, he wants the $5 million, so then he lights the car. meanwhile at the police station the Sheriff is looking for him, but Haig (I think), the guy that burned him alive said nope. Then Parrish comes all charred and burned and stuff into the police station and punches that Haig dude to death. Yas. I thought they couldn’t kill him off yet. Hmm, I wonder what supernatural creature he is. In fact, everyone’s wondering, the dude himself doesn’t know why he’s still alive.  So Derek, Scott and Lydia are teaching him everything. Pages and pages of the lists keep printing out from Liam’s printer and it’s only after he unplugs it that they stop coming. The Benefactor is showing them how easy it is for someone to get their hands on the lists. We learn that Meredith had only come to the lake house once due to a connection with the woman her grandmother loved. It was her grandmother who drove Meredith insane and Lydia who drove her to suicide, that room in the lake house was made specifically for her. Lydia’s grandmother wrote the code for the dead pool. Scott lets Derek know that he’s about to die since his name was the third key. Scott still has the money, I think some of its missing. Not sure. Liam and the rest of the lacrosse team, and other students will be going to some bonfire party, but Liam doesn’t really want to go as he’s feeling jumpy due to his fight with the skull-thing. Stiles and Lydia are stuck on another key for their new code. And they found it, because this was more to do with Lydia and her grandma it was ARIEL. Okay, turns out all the printers everywhere (in Beacon Hills) are printing out the lists, probably cos the Benefactor’s such a wuss that he can’t kill them on his own so decides to get the rest of the town to do it for them. The lists are changing as well, Liam isn’t $3million anymore, he’s $18million and Derek is no longer on the list, meaning he’s no longer supernatural, meaning he’s no longer a werewolf. Liam and Malia are both trying to get drunk at the party but Scott tells Malia that it doesn’t work when you’re a werewolf.  But her and Liam are evidently getting drunk, but then they don’t feel too good. Hmm. Stiles and Lydia are at Eichen House as the new list is a past list however all the people on it were patients at the asylum and committed suicide. So, the manager there right now for some reason has the same tape a the rest of them and out of nowhere he tazered Lydia and Stiles. Don’t even ask. Brady interrogates that Haig dude, he asks her how she got her scar, she said a werewolf, she asked him how he got his broken nose, he’s like what? Then she punched him. Turns out that the Eichen House dude was the one that killed all those patients who supposedly committing suicide, one of them being Lydia’s grandma, he made Lydia listen to a tape he had of her grandma and asked her what her grandmother meant by don’t hurt Ariel. Scott also starts to get drunk but he hasn’t had anything to drink, he then realises it’s the music, he attempts to shut it off but then the DJ puts it louder or something and Scott falls to the floor. Then ‘Security’ tale Scott, Liam and Malia away, and shoved Mason to the floor so he couldn’t come with them.  Thye then dump all three in the school and drench them in gasoline, however Mason manages to unplug the sound system so the music stops. Just before one of the dudes light them up, Scott’s head becomes clear again and his alpha instincts kick in. He crushes the guy’s hand, then Brady and Derek intervene and knock out the rest of the guards. Just before that Eichen House guy injected Stiles and Lydia with some drug, Parrish came in and shot him. He then freed them. But just before he dies, that guy told them that it wasn’t him controlling Lydia’s grandmother, it was her controlling him. He wasn’t the Benefactor. It’s Meredith. Who’s still alive…somehow.


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