Teen Wolf: Orphaned


Harry Potter and the Ice Bucket Challenge is trending. That Ice Bucket challenge is really going round: Chloe Grace Moretz, Lucy Hale, Adam Pitts, Taylor Swift, Stephen Amell, Kevin Zegers, Demi Lovato, Hailey Steinfeld, Lily Collins…the list is endless. They’re all raising awareness for ALS which is Amyotrophic-Lateral-Sclerosis.

So 4 weeks earlier (Teen Wolf time), Kate got this tape about how to control werewolves blah blah, and apparently these teenagers called the orphans got it too. She was with them skull-things. Garret and his girlfriend are the Orphans as Scott’s dad revealed. Liam’s opponent is not dead but the wolfsbane has taken effect. However, the vet dude sorts that out. Three words all these new werewolves keep saying is ‘the sun, the moon, the truth.’ They’re the three things that can’t be hidden. Scott and Liam break into Garret’s locker and Scott finds a bag full of money, the money they’re getting from the benefactor for killing all these supernaturals. Well, Scott says he didn’t find anything to Liam but he takes the bag home. He overhears his Mum talking about how she hasn’t payed the house bills in three months.  Liam and Mason are out for a run and it seems like everyone knows that Garret and his girlfriend are killers. Liam doesn’t wanna hear about it from Mason so he speeds off, but then he gets run over by Garret who stabs him. Mason catches up to the place where Liam just was but can’t find him, however on the floor at his feet there’s blood, blood he doesn’t see.  Stiles, Lydia and Kira don’t arrive to school, and Malia gets out of class because Derek calls her.  He needs her to track a scent for him as he can no longer do it. Stiles and Lydia show Deputy Parrish the ‘dead pool’ (list), and show him his name. The numbers, we now know, mean how much the person’s worth. So when Deputy Parrish hears this he says I’m worth $5? And i couldn’t stop laughing. Stiles clarified it’s $5 million. Mason and Scott try to find Liam in school, but no luck. Then Scott gets a call from Garret saying he has Liam and he’ll only give him back if Scott returns the money and gets Violet (finally I know his girlfriend’s name) by stopping the car they’re taking her in. Meanwhile, Lydia and Stiles join Deputy Parrish to visit Meredith. And that’s when Stiles declares that he likes Parrish and wants to keep him. Yes, that’s what he said. Anyway, just when Scott had to stop the car, it’d already stopped and his dad and Stiles’ dad were on the ground injured. Them skull-things were there and they killed Garret. Might of killed Violet too, or she’s just disappeared. The benefactor apparently told Meredith that she can’t tell them the third key. She wants to but she can’t. Kate works with the skull things. Do you know when Bruce Wayne tries to get out of that underground prison and they all chant ‘deshi basara basara’ (he rises in Arabic), well it was like that scene when Liam keeps trying to climb out of that well, except no one’s cheering him on.  Scott and Mr. Argent are out to kill the skull-things. Derek and Malia find an entire pack dead in the woods. Kate has Violet. But she killed her. Liam howls, Scott hears, him and Mr. Argent are off to find him as Kate and the skull-things left. Lydia’s stuck with the third key, but then Stiles, brilliant Stiles, suggests that banshees can predict death so what if the last key is not someone who’s dead but someone who’s going to die soon. Lydia closes her eyes and connects with her inner banshee and the name she types is… DEREK. And, it actually works, it brings up the third list, and on the third list is Liam. Speaking of Liam, he was just about to fall back down to the bottom of the well when Scott caught him, and aww, it was so cute, Scott’s like Liam’s big brother. They hugged and Scott said everything’s gonna be okay, blah blah.  I think the third key was Derek because he’ s losing his werewolf-ness so that might mean he’s dying.  Meredith hung herself.  Scott’s made the promise that he’ll save everyone.  Him and Stiles then count the money that he still has, but then they find a tape, the same one Kate got.  Speaking of Kate, Peter finds her in an underground place with her skull bodyguard things, he’s come for the money she stole from him.  And power. Yeah he wants power.



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