Teen Wolf: The Benefactor


OMG. I just remembered what that old lady said. ‘When you take the bite of an innocent, I’ll be knocking on your door.’ Something like that. OMG. The Sheriff calls Derek to the scene of the crime where he identifies that someone else was there other than Sean, the axe dude and Scott. He doesn’t know yet, but yeah. Meanwhile, Scott calls Stiles about his Liam problem. Stiles finds him taped up lying in the bathtub. And then he just closes the curtain on him like he doesn’t even care. Cos he doesn’t probably. They’ve found themselves in a right predicament. Oh my god. Stiles is the best. Yeah, so, anyway. Both of them kind of interrogate Liam. Well no not really because Liam’s asking the questions, not them. It’s a similar situation as before except mirrored. Stiles is still the negative one. Being very discouraging. They take the tape off Liam’s mouth. They tell him he might change (or die- Stiles adds). Then Liam starts to ‘cry’ so they decide to take the rest of the tape off of him. Next thing you know, Liam’s up, smashes the chair on both of them, Stiles asks him something but then he just punches him and then he runs off. Well tries to, but he has no shoes, so he stops. And then Scott and Stiles AKA The Dream Team, seriously you should see them two. They stumbled out of Scott’s bedroom all injured but then they see him and their chance to get him, so they both give this battle cry and then charge straight at Liam. Then all three of them tumble down the stairs and land in a heap of hot boys. Liam’s the first to get up but Scott and Stiles bring him down again. The ‘family murdering axe murderer’ throws an axe into Peter’s chest and tells him Derek’s next.  Stiles is getting Malia ready for the full moon the next morning. Kira and Lydia are looking at what the codes could possibly mean when her mum drops by to give her the keys to their lake house. Liam isn’t feeling too good. But it isn’t long before Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum have him surrounded again. Stiles is about to explain everything but Scott doesn’t trust him to be gentle about it so Scott goes ahead and says the stupidest thing ever. ‘We’re brothers now.’ OMG  LMFAO XD Liam and Stiles actually seemed to be on the same page after that stupid comment. Liam’s confused as anything and says, ‘What are you talking about…you bit me?!’ And then Scott comes 0ut with another epic line. ‘That bite, that bite is a gift.’ Okaaaaay. Stiles has had enough already and tells Scott to just stop talking already. Then he tells Liam that they’re trying to help him.  But it takes them forever to get to the point and they just keep saying the same vague things so Liam gets impatient, strips off the bandage that was hiding the place Scott bit him, and told them he was fine without looking at his arm. Then he stormed off. His arm had healed. The reason Lydia’s mother gave her the keys to their lake house was because they have a basement there that can hold Malia when she changes at the full moon. But now they want to bring Liam there too because he doesn’t know what’s going on with him. But to do this, they pretend they’re having a party and get Kira to use her inner ‘Vixen’ to ask him out to this ‘party.’ And that’s what she does, the shy girl gone and this new mean-girl-esque attitude takes over. Some music comes on and she walks down the stairs all cool with her hair flying and a smile to die for, directed straight at Liam. He can’t help but stare. But then she falls. Ouch. But Liam being a nice guy, didn’t laugh, but helped her up. She didn’t back down with her act as I thought she would instead she just pouted and asked him out. Derek must’ve found Peter and taken the axe out of him, however it was laced with wolfsbane so now Derek has to burn it all out. Next thing you know, their in a car making their way to Lydia’s lake house. However, every small sound is making Liam agitated as his super wolfy senses develop. Stiles finds out that Liam had anger issues and the reason he got kicked out of school was because he had a thing with his teacher, he then crowbarred the teacher’s car and scared on it ‘THIS IS YOUR FAULT’ yeah, it was pretty banged up. Maybe not so much of a nice guy. And the worst part is, is that the full moon’s out and he;s till in the car with Kira. But they finally arrive and when he get sinside and sees the rest of them, he realises it’s a trap. They finally tell him what they all are but he doesn’t believe him. Then his change starts to happen. But before the idiot is taken away to the basement, people arrive. It’s his friend Mason who told them that a party was going on and his friend Mason invited everybody. Now they don’t know what to do. Scott and Kira take Liam into the basement for his change. And Stiles takes Malia too as her change starts. Then Lydia is left alone to entertain her unexpected guests. Seems like the whole school’s turned up. She is so dead. The Sheriff and Derek, with the help of Deputy Parrish, make a new revelation that this ‘family murdering axe murderer’ is an assassin. Stiles has got Malia chained up, and Scott and Kira have actually managed to get Liam out cold. Meanwhile Lydia is very angry, the party-goers don;t seem to be doing anything stupid, but that’s cos they haven’t had anything to drink yet. That other hot lacrosse guy, Garret, is there and he’s opened some of Lydia’s parents’ wine but only he’s drinking it. She quickly makes him put it away and then a keg arrives and she has to pay for it, but she sees that Mason dude going upstairs so she goes after him. Garret feels sorry for her and then pays for the keg himself. I ship them already and they’ve hardly had any interaction. Liam’s only 15, whuut?! My age?! Wow, he looks quite hot for his age. Woah, okay, so the guy that delivered the keg, was a wolf, and he just got killed by…Garret’s girlfriend I think. Uggh, he has a girlfriend. I don’t know what just happened but it was hella weird. Woah, even worse. ‘Family murdering axe murderer’ is an assassin right. He also goes by the name ‘Benefactor’ and well, he’s Garret’s and his girlfriend’s friend…? I think he works for them. When Lydia’s upstairs, she finds that Mason guy and tells him to get out, but when she does this, she drops to glasses of red wine onto the really creamy coloured carpet and now she’s panicking. She’s really upset and that Mason g=feels bad for her, I think he’s gonna get everyone outta the house. I don’t know this scene has the voices muted. The music and other sounds are fine, but just their actual voices aren’t projecting, maybe it’s meant to be like that. I think the rooms he’s in is some sort of silent room. Liam manages to escape and runs out of the boathouse into the woods, may possibly reach the house. Derek and the Sheriff break into the school to find the Benefactor but he finds them first. Stiles does a better job than Scott and Kira and manages to calm Malia down before she could do anything. Talking about them, Liam and Scott have a brawl in the woods, just as Liam was about to go cray cray on Scott, Allison’s dad came to the rescue and scared Liam off. Peter seems to have arrived at the school as well and just as Derek and the Sheriff had got him and were going to take him to the police station, he ran into the Benefactor and scratched him over and over and over, blood flying everywhere, until he was dead.  Then he just walked off. With the help of Mr. Argent, Scott managed to calm Liam down and tell him the full story (well that last part I’m not sure.) Kira stumbles in on Lydia hearing voices in the wall and when asking her what she hears, Lydia replies with, the key to break the code. Liam is really upset but finally listens to Scott. Lydia and Kira finally work out the code. The key was ALLISON. And what they find is a list of all the supernatural in Beacon Hills, the Benefactor was assassinating all of them. And all of them are on the list.


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