Teen Wolf: The Dark Moon


Stiles and Lydia have ventured to South America (dunno where, probably Mexico, I dunno, but it’s South America) and enter this ominous club that you need a freaky looking pass to get into. There was like this really dark, weird corridor thing, and I was like, ‘sheesh, this is creepy’. Next minute you know, Stiles opens the door at the end of it and there’s these half naked teens/young adults dancing to this pumped up music. Surprise! Well, anyway. Let’s get down to business, the more serious stuff. They didn’t come to drink and dance, they came to bargain with this old lady that took Derek (and Peter I think), but yeah. Stiles actually put $50,000 on the table in front of her so that they could get Derek back. However, she’s not buying it (no pun intended) and tells them it wasn’t wise of them to come here alone. Stiles then replies with, who said we came alone? Her face drops. And then it flashes back to the dancing seen, and slows down when we see Malia, then it rewinds a bit more, and then we see Kira. And if that’s not enough of a shock to the women, Stiles tells her they’ve brought an alpha as well. And then it does that thing again and we see Scott. And that part was just so epic, with that epic music, slow motion, their hair flying, eyes shining. Yeah. So basically, I’m five minutes into the episode and this is what it’s done to me.  Anyway, the guards identify them and one goes for each of them but come on, you’re talking about supernatural creatures here man, so basically they just knock ’em all out quicker than it took me to type this sentence. That’s FAST.  However, their success is short-lived as  it isn’t long before they decide to pour a lengthy stream of wolfsbane gas throughout the entire club. Malia and Scott go down and Kira can’t fight off the guards by herself so they all get captured.  But before Scott finally breaks, he finds out that the old woman doesn’t know where he is either.  Uh oh.  YAY IT IS MEXICO!!!! See, and I don’t even know Mexican, whoop whoop! Sorry don’t mean to brag. But yay.  Scott remembers something Lydia said before, that Derek’s neither dead or alive, there’s something wrong. I know what that is already due to spoilers all of the internet and social media where I accidentally happen to come across them.  I’m not ecstatic about what’s happened but I’m not depressed. I’m actually alright.  Kira, Stiles, Scott and Malia, are all trapped in a room, whereas Lydia has been taken to have a chat over some food with that old women. Okay. Malia said that after they get out of this room, they should just leave, but then Scott’s like what about Lydia? And Malia’s like leave her. And then Stiles says we can’t do that. You see, Malia hasn’t had much experience being a human yet, so she’s still learning how humans go about doing things. She explains that when she was an animal, she’ll just leave her friend if they’re injured.  But according to Stiles, that’s an improvement.  She’s ‘getting better.’  That old woman kills one of her guards because he stole something from her and she wants to test put Lydia’s banshee skills. Then she tells Lydia that she wants to know what kind of alpha Scott is.  Yeah. Now they’ve got Scott and Lydia chained up and they’re gonna ask them questions. If they answer wrong, they’ll get electrocuted, by Kira, who was forced to do it.  So basically, the question is who took Derek apparently Scott knows, and after much electrocution his alpha senses get him to remember and he figures out that it’s Kate Argent.  She’s got Derek locked in some tomb thing.  That old woman send them all home after that, after she realises Scott is a good alpha but she wants them to find Kate . And Derek, she even gives them a guide, Brady or someone, I dunno, she’s a mercenary and she’s come in previous episodes, I think she saved Isaac’s life once. Whilst they’re on their way to get Derek, Stiles truck breaks down, but it’s more like they got hit by something.

*Okay, freeze. #5SOSAndTheWindow is trending because our fam is so awesome and we like to make things up and confuse everyone and make the boys tweet summa like ‘WTF’ and ‘WE LOVE YOU’ at the same time as their reaction when they see what is going on, on Twitter right now. My head is hurting. Being in the 5SOS Fam is hard work, I tell ya. Can’t keep up.*

*Sorry just wanted a funny gif XD *

So anyway, Scott has to split from them and go with Brady on the motorbike cos they need to get to Derek fast.  Malia finds something in the engine of the car, some huge claw thing, I dunno, but something hit them not the other way round.  It’s getting dark now and they still haven’t fixed the car. Kira sees something and Malia goes after it and then Kira goes after her. Meanwhile, Brady and Scott have almost found Derek but all Brady has in her mind is that Scott should’ve kissed Kira.  Then they have an encounter with the thing that hit the car, I think, it’s like some dinosaur skeleton thing, I think, you can’t see it properly. And all Scott does is howl and then it backs off. Well, not howl, more like a roar. Then a secret passageway opens and they find the tomb thing. They find him and the others arrive just in time. It’s not Derek, our original Tyler Hoechlin Derek, it’s Derek, our younger Ian Nelson Derek. And this is what I knew. I still love him X He just looks too cute and vulnerable though, his older self is much more…erm…I dunno. Stronger, harsher maybe?

*Also, more updates on Adam Pitts and Lucy Hale, mmhmm, the two are hanging out quite a lot together since they’re both in America. They even went to a  Justin Timberlake concert together.*

  When she played on his drums



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