Arrow: The Man Under the Hood


Tea,m Arrow- minus Roy, break into the Queens Applied Sciences Center dressed all in black to blow the place up cleanly and swiftly, omg, I had a dream or deja vu about this like ages ago, not sure which one, as in that part of the episode, not me writing this. Anyway, when they broke in, Felicity said this is where we first met Barry, and that’s just, aww.  Isabelle did some news coverage of the incident, and Felicity came out with another line: ‘For the record, I didn’t like her before we found out she was a super-villain.’ Gotta love Felicity.  Laurel’s really trying to figure out whether what Slade said is true.  Slade pops up at Team Arrow’s base when they least expect is, and well, as I say a lot, all hell breaks lose.  He fights them all off with ease and then disappears. I think he was just trying to make a point.  Laurel sees the scars all over Sarah and connects it with Harley Quinn, but she isn’t sure yet.  But when Slade broke in he stole the skeleton key.  And with it, he’s gone to Central City where he breaks into another applied sciences center that is soon to be shutting down. This is where we first meet our Team Flash.  This Team Flash manage to knock out Slade with this lightening gun thing, he’s absolutely baffled, but then a machine catches his eye so he leaves taking it with him. Arrow and Harley Quinn get there but they’re just a little too late.  And guess what, laurel was following them the whole time.  Felicity and Diggle turned up and asked Team Flash questions, although Felicity is already familiar with them as they are friends with Barry, they’re called Caitlin and Cisco.  But then Cisco tells Felicity of someone named Iris who is apparently Barry’s ‘something’. Hmmph. Well Felicity isn’t too happy about that, ‘he’s in a coma and he’s already moved on’ she says. But something could mean anything really.  Turns out that Isabelle was Oliver’s Father’s ‘soul mate’ and he was gonna leave all of them for her.  But then Thea got hurt so that ended up never happening, which is why she’s so against Oliver and the rest of the family.  Mr. Lance got beaten up in the prison by another prisoner whom had been put into jail by him.  Laurel wanted a meeting with the Arrow and just as she was about to reveal that she knows his identity, she got the news of her father. She then speaks to her father and tells him she knows who the Arrow is but he tells her to drop it.  That machine that Slade stole is a ginormous blood transfusior that will allow his super-strength blood to be passed on to all them prisoners so he’ll have an invincible army.  Roy has been taken by Slade to be part of his army. Then another fight happens but Arrow knocks out Slade, then Diggle arrives and shoots Isabelle, just before Slade could fully retain his balance, Arrow took Roy and soared upwards with his- I forgot what it’s called, when you shoot a rope and hook it onto something…dunno.  Oliver stole some of the super-strength dug (Miricuru, or summa) and said they’ll use it to make an antidote. It’s all Oliver’s fault really, he had some antidote back on the Island and could’ve used it to cure Slade but he didn’t and instead ‘killed him’.  Felicity goes back to Caitlin and Cisco with the Miricuru and asks them to help her out. I can’t wait for The Flash cos anytime a character from there comes up, this epic superhero music plays.  Slade revived Isabelle from her last breaths and she’s now part of Slade’s army.


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