Arrow: City of Blood


Sebastian Blood got what he wanted and he’s now Mayor. Oliver’s disappeared. That idiot Isabelle has told Thea that her club is no longer hers.  Laurel bugged Sebastian Blood’s office where they found out he wrote a condolence speech in favour of Moira Queen a day BEFORE she died. They found Oliver, with the help of that Amanda, in another secret lair/lab thing where he works.  Oliver’s now on a suicide mission. But before anything could happen, Diggle and Felicity bring him back to hear Laurel out. Laurel tells him that she knows he’s the Arrow, she also tells him about what she found out about Sebastian. This brings out a new rage within Oliver and now he’s after Sebastian before he even thinks about giving himself up to Slade. Thea’s left her home to go somewhere else.  Blood’s army are not just in their underground hideout, they’re out in the open as well. In the train station Thea’s in, in the SCPD police HQ, everywhere. The, now-back-to-it’s-original-number-of-members ‘Team Arrow’ had a perfect plan of trapping the whole army underground by bombing the underground structure. But Oliver and Laurel hadn’t gotten out yet so Diggle had to wait to activate the bombs, and before he got a chance to, he was attacked.  Their plan failed and now the army is out in the open, ready.  (Oh, wow, just realised the pun in the title of this episode lol.)



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