Arrow: Deathstroke


Thea’s taken by Slade remember, he forces her to get out of the car, she runs away bur bumps into ‘Brother Blood’. Everyone’s oblivious to Thea’s disappearance until the debate between Moira Queen and Sebastian Blood where the debate is interrupted by a video of Thea asking for help in a dark place with a masked man behind her who stopped her from her desperate pleas.  Now everything’s chaos. Moira is distressed, the rest of Starling City including Sebastian Blood are trying to find Thea, and Team Arrow are doing what they do.  Roy, Harley and Arrow have Slade surrounded within minutes of the new information Felicity provided them with, Oliver won’t have any of this, for Thea, he doesn’t care about the no killing thing, he shoots Slade with an Arrow which will only temporarily knock him out but will kill a normal man, and tells Roy to call the SCPD (Mr.Lance and co.).  Slade’s now arrested.  However, the police department fall for his lies of being an innocent man who had just flown in through Costa Rica. Blah blah, him and his lies. Then, for the sugar coating,  Slade told the news reporters that he’s gonna try and do everything to get her back. Then, Team Arrow were on his tail but he managed to mislead all of them one by one.  But then he lets Thea go because Oliver begs him and they were friends once, but the deal was to punish Oliver and no one else, so obviously it wasn’t the end.  However, before he lets her go, he tells her that he knows a secret about Oliver and he’ll tell her, but if she goes, she’ll never know.  This incident has brought Oliver’s and his mother’s relationship on the mend.  Roy is mad at Oliver because he believes it’s his fault that Thea’s gone. And like that, he’s left Team Arrow.  Isabelle, remember Oliver’s boss or whatever, she went with them to Russia a few episodes ago? Well, Oliver made her CEO for the time being whilst he sorts out the problem with Thea.  However when he gets back Isabelle has brought his company into her hands.  Ugggh that Isabelle’s an idiot, she’s working with Slade.  But that whole ‘Oliver has a secret’ thing was just to get Thea to stay.  Oliver is really angry now and goes on a mad killing rampage of all of Slade’s men, alone obviously, but he does. And he’s angrier than he’s ever been.  Oh wait, he might’ve actually let Thea go.  And now he has an army of prisoners with him.  Thea knows the secret.  But it;s not the secret we all know, it’s the secret of Merlin being her father. She is beyond upset.  Roy sees Thea as she makes her way home, but she gives him a dirty look, so he drives off in his car and leaves Starling City. He has a super duper nice car by the way.  Mr. Lance is arrested.  And now Sebastian Blood is upset that this Thea kidnap thing has just gotten her votes in the election to be Mayor higher.  And for the cherry on top, Slade burst into Laurel’s apartment, told her Oliver is Arrow, then walked out.


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