Arrow: Birds of Prey


Remember that other kick-ass girl on the show, like Sarah except she’s a brunette, Helena is her name. Well, yeah Team Arrow are tracking her down now. Dunno why.  Oliver tells Roy to stay away from Thea because he doesn’t trust Roy near her with both his temper and strength. Laurel has gotten her job back at her original law firm. That colleague of hers Adam, gave her a place again because he can’t deny that she’s one of the best lawyers they’ve ever had.  Helena’s still after her Father that’s why they’re tracking her down because her father’s in Starling City.  Helena broke into the law firm to get her Father who was about to get on trial, but then all hell broke loose, and now Laurel’s a hostage of Helena’s and she’ll die if her father isn’t given to her. Okay, so Roy’s just attempted to break up with Thea taking on Oliver’s advice, but she’s having none of it. Laurel has a heart to heart with Harley Quinn about Sarah oblivious to the fact that the woman she is talking to about her sister, is her sister.  Harley then attempts to get Laurel to safety but Laurel’s concern over the other hostages wins her over so Harley stays to help her get them all out.  Arrow keeps telling her to just get Laurel out of there but she doesn’t want to listen to him so she just removes her earpiece.  Helena was just about to kill one hostage before Harley and Laurel come to save the day, Harley starts having a bad-ass cat fight with Helena whilst Laurel works on freeing the hostages.  Things go awry, Sarah flies through a window, Laurel becomes one of the hostages but now Oliver’s here. All Helena wants is her father, I mean he’s a bad guy anyway, just give her father, she’ll free the innocent hostages, then she’ll kill her father so there’s one less bad guy in the world, and everyone’s happy. Thea walks in on Roy making out with another girl, she then throws back the bracelet he bought for her with all his money, and storms out. Obviously, Roy did this on purpose to show her he’s serious about breaking up with her, but you could see he got hurt when she got hurt.  Anyway, something happened but Helena’s father is dead but she didn’t kill him, all, the hostages are safe, blah blah blah. But Thea cried to Oliver about the break-up and how everyone lies to her, only Oliver doesn’t apparently, but how ironic is that? And then she walks home alone, Oliver said he’ll take her but she’s really upset and wants to be alone. But whilst shes walking home Slade gives her a lift in his car. Dun dun duuuun.


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