Arrow: The Promise


Oliver is not happy regarding the return of his Australian friend. Oliver ‘butt dials’ Felicity whilst Slade takes a tour of the house, Team Arrow are doing their usual thing, Felicity picks it up and leaves it on speaker for all to hear. Sarah recognises his voice and tells the rest of them who he is and how, if he’s at Oliver’s house, then he’s planning to kill their entire family. All this because Oliver chose Sarah over Shadow.  Team Arrow are on a mission to kill Slade now, everyone’s in position. Nothing happened. Most of this was just flashbacks from the island. But what did happen is, whilst Slade was taking a tour of the house and touching all the paintings, he actually placed cameras everywhere, so now he’s watching them. Great.

Sorry, wasn’t much in the mood for this post. I just found out by my friend who introduced me to 5SOS, that Kendall Jenner has apparently been hanging out with them over the last few days. Like seriously? No offence, but she literally called them One Direction, and now she’s hanging out with them? She probably doesn’t even know their names. Gaaawwwd this can’t be happening.  The internet is saying that she could be dating Ashton, say whuuut? But the internet’s with me about Kendall. They think she’s either doing it to get close to Harry again (because 1D and 5SOS are touring), she’s doing it to get Harry jealous, or she’s doing it to get more fame because according to like everyone, 5SOS are the next big thing. Luke actually unfollowed Kendall on Instagram after that Billboard incident so wtf is she doing hanging put with them. Sorry, I’m just so bloody, ugggh.

Seriously, what’s the deal with the Jenners and Kardashians. Society is stupid. Look at them beautiful boys above this. Beautiful and talented, shame we can’t say the same about the one on top of them.  Well, apparently she just introduced a boyfriend to her mum and it’s NOT Ashton. Thank the lord.




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