Arrow: Tremors


#50ReasonsWhyILoveAshtonIrwin is trending.  I cannot write down all 50 but I am absolutely positive that I have more than 50.

So ages ago, well it felt like ages ago, I posted a comment on a video of Luke (Hemmings) and his ex-girlfriend Aleisha McDonald singing A Day To Remember: If it means a lot to you, which was really good by the way, they’re both such awesome singers. Anyway, so they were singing on an outdoor stage at their school in Australia (Norwest Christian College, wow I remembered! Whilst double checking I found this on their website the picture at the top? The girl is Aleisha, and that’s the stage they both sang on once upon a time.) Okay this post isn’t about their love story, in fact that’s the whole purpose behind the comment I posted, I’m sure both Luke and Aleisha don’t want to be reminded of each other.  Anyway, the comment, so everybody was posted really depressing things like ‘I wish they’d get back together’ and ‘I feel ugly now’ and ‘Why did they break up’ and ‘This makes me so sad.’ I was reading all them comments and I thought to myself ‘Why the hell has no one commented about how Luke has an umbrella holder’, no seriously, they have umbrella holders to shade them. Woah. So I went ahead and commented:

Mariam A

1 month ago

I find it so cool how they have umbrella holders
Cos it is cool, I mean come on. I feel a bit sorry for the people holding the umbrellas but hey…and then yesterday, someone replied.
LMFAO, idk u but I love u already.. Everyone here’s been talking ’bout how they wanna cry over the couple but here you are, commenting on the umbrella holders.. What a fine specimen you are. Made my day.
I think it’s safe to say, that comment made my day. I mean, I’ve been called a lot of nice things but ‘fine specimen’ has never come up. Quite like it you know.
P.S. The video:
Okie dokie, recap:
Sorry, still not watched it. Found this though, don’t know how I’ve never seen it:
And this one, seen it before but might as well share it:
And this, okay hopefully I’m gonna stop now, I can watch 5SOS anytime but right now I gotta catch-up on TV, gosh, it’s worse than homework:
Arrow has started his work of training Roy but things aren’t going too well, Mrs Queen is going on a dinner date with Walter, Thea is absolutely baffled at what’s happening with Roy, Laurel has found a job, just needs to be interviewed, well that’s what she told her father who tried to put her in a support group but failed. Roy tags along with Arrow on one of his ‘missions’  but things go awry as the bad guy gets away with a machine that makes earthquakes instead of popcorn (gotta luuuurv popcorn, or ice-cream, ice-cream’s cool), Roy got so distracted punching one of the bad guys dead, that he didn’t even notice the other bad guy that got into the van behind him and drove off.  Laurel got turned down for her new-found job. Warner and Thea convince Mrs Queen to go for the role of being the Mayor, to stand up against Sebastian Blood, and almost half of Starling City said they’d vote for her so now she’s contemplating it.  Laurel has seriously spiraled and got mega drunk at the Queen’s club, no one’s happy with her behaviour.  Oliver manages to track down ‘the earthquake machine that should’ve been a popcorn and ice-cream, ooh, and even pizza machine’, Roy follows him and they have all the men down, but not before one presses the button and activates the machine. Roy is still punching one of the guys, but Oliver stops him by taking off his mask and showing Roy his face, Roy is stunned but listens in shocked silence as Oliver tells him to deactivate the machine. Together they manage to destroy the machine , and then they shake hands and there’s that epic music, and ehmagerd.  Mrs Queen has finally decided that she’s going to run for the role of the Mayor.  Roy has been officially introduced to Felicity and Diggle and he’s just so in awe of them all, so cute ❤ He asks whether they have a name like ‘Team Arrow’ or something, bet that was Colton’s idea, he always calls them Team Arrow. So much for my Arrow Crew… Earlier in the episode, Oliver called someone to take care of Laurel, after she got drunk, the person was reluctant but said they’ll help her. We find out that person was Sarah (Laurel’s Sister) when Laurel staggers into her apartment drunk, falls on the floor, and then sees the face of her worried sister hovering over her.

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