Oh, come on, we all saw this one coming, there’s just one more thing I have to say now:


Okie dokie, 5SOS posted a BTS video for Don’t Stop:

In other news, Nadal won the French Open-again, I actually thought Djokovic had a chance…aaah, well, now it’s time for Wimbledon, yay!

Harry Potter’s trending…yeah. Night X

P.S. Michael’s tweets are so relatable:

Yupp, yesterday did drag…

I must second that. Sleep is too good.

I wish I had AC in the first place, it was sooooo hot last night, I couldn’t even sleep. 😦

I understand you Michael, it’s so humid right now in England, I mean if it was sunny and hot, that’s fine, but here it’s FRICKIN RAINING and it feels like we’re living on the sun…

Oh god, don’t, that feeling is the worst…


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