The Vampire Diaries: What Lies Beneath


Damon takes Stefan and Elena to safety from the travelers by keeping them in a cabin of Caroline’s. Caroline and Damon stay with them however, an uninvited guest also stays to keep them company: Enzo. This obviously sparks trouble. Stefan and Elena are still not telling Damon the truth about Enzo, but Damon and Caroline have their suspicions and decide to play a little game where it all becomes clearly obvious. Elena then gets drowned in the bath by Enzo but Damon helps her, which is when she decides to spit the truth out. Damon isn’t happy about the revelation nor is Caroline but they manage to hold their ground. It then makes sense why certain things were happening in the cabin; the other side is collapsing hence why Enzo is able to make contact with the world of the living. Luke, the witch’s brother, is helping them by performing a spell outside of the cabin, but Enzo is angry and takes him away into the adjoining barn-thing. Stefan takes him and reluctantly leaves Damon with Enzo. Damon promises Enzo he’ll find a way to get him back so Enzo leaves him, and Damon manages to escape the now burning barn. Elena is happy that Damon made it out and they both kissed…Meanwhile, Bonnie and Jeremy fail to find the body of the traveler inside of Tyler, so now he is permanently inhibiting Tyler’s body. Just when you think things are going well, the travelers come and take Stefan and Elena.



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